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Monday, 15 September 2014

You guys have been so busy!!!

Gosh I had forgotten how hectic life gets with people coming and going randomly all day. Doesn't leave much time for crafting and art.
This little lady arrived safely at her new home with Linda, and she is now named "Gia" :D
 and this is the gorgeous faerie cottage that Linda made for me as a return gift! It arrived this morning and I am still smiling like a loon :D
 Bailey has been missing his boy, and fell asleep hugging his leg last night bless him.
 Looking forward to meeting up with friends in October, and making more faeries to gift them...(but's a surprise)
 Mostly last week I was busy preparing items to be displayed at the church I was baptised in. They were holding a remembrance for the centenary of the Great War and asked for any items we had to share. I took my Grandad's  photo taken in 1914, along with his medals and military service records.
The ladies and gent's of St Leonard's church Dinnington, along with those at the Lyric Theatre and the British legion did a wonderful job honouring our ancestors. Wish I could have stayed for the service at the cenotaph, but we left some flowers instead.
(same name as my grandad (Harry Brown),but it is his eldest son who died in WW2)
Will catch up with you all soon, promise !
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Oh Gina, What a wonderful tribute to your Grand Dad and oh so special. Bailey is beautiful. Your next Faerie is going to be beautiful and has a bright personality to go with her red glow. Thank you for Gia and the link back to my Blog. Have a great week.

  2. The colours of Gia and your new fairy house are so similar ! Isn't. It amazing how
    this magic happens!!
    You are indeed the busy one! Take time to breath okay!

  3. Ah bless Gina, what am amazing photo to share in remembrance! Loving the knitted fairy dolls too - fab stuff!

  4. I have seen the doll and faery house on Linda's blog, they are both so gorgeous! A good swap! It's always great to meet other creative people, even if it is online! And the doggy is adorable!

  5. You've been a busy girl, lately!! Love your dolls. And have fun at your church remembrance! :)