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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Woodland Faerie...going home

A lady called Linda left a lovely comment on my last post asking where she could buy one of my knitted faeries......:D
You all know I don't sell...they are gift's who choose their own home.
So I checked out Linda's blog...
not only does she appear to share my love of nature, but she also makes cottages for Faeries!
(hope she doesn't mind me showing you this pic...too lovely not to share)

Well that just about clinched it really...of course a faerie would want to go live with her...
so her she is :D
(I have not named her, Linda can have that honour)

 After looking at Linda's blog and all the gorgeous blooms she has in her garden, I couldn't resist using vibrant happy colours.
 Linda had asked for a "Woodland" type faerie, so her skirt is made from leaves...
 and lovely Linda has fluffy friends, which allowed me to add a layer of "foofiness"
 "Foofy" hair adds balance to this autumnal little lady...
 and when it comes to wings, it makes sense that small sturdy wings are better suited to flitting through twiggy branches and bramble patches
 Having no name made her a little shy, but Roc held her hand for a while,
 and she soon gained confidence :D
Hope you like her Linda, can't wait to find out what her name is :D
I will parcel her up tomorrow ready to mail on Saturday.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Your creative HEART shines brighter with each expression of love!

  2. What a lucky girl Linda is to receive this gift of love. xo

  3. The houses and the faeries are all wonderful!

    1. Hello stranger! Hope all is well with you <3

  4. These are fantastic pieces :) Have I mentioned, that I like you new blog design ?!

  5. What a lovely gesture, your latest creation is beautiful and I'm sure she'll be right at home, with a lady who makes such sweet fairy homes :)

  6. Gina, she is so precious! I love her so much! Wow!! I hope Linda truly loves her new faerie ;o)
    Ravyn never leaves my side ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  7. OMG Gina, You have made me so very happy and made me smile right away. what an honor you've given me. You are an amazing new friend and you are wondrous through and through. I will let you know when she arrives and honor you the same way. Thank you so very much for your generosity and friendship.

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    1. Sorry..for some odd reason my computer made to of the same comments..
      Just to let you know...I am still smiling.

  9. Wow,l such a lovely lovely faery! And I love the faery houses too! You two are lovely! I will check out Linda's blog!