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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thoughts of Autumn

I remember spending many rainy hours playing with my Gran's button tin as a child...
I find Autumn is the season I "think back" the most. I miss those moments of pleasure, the feel of the buttons running through my fingers, sorting them out in sizes and colours, and the sound as they dropped, clattering back into the tin.
She always had a Danish Butter biscuit tin...very exotic back in the 70's lol...
so I went out and bought 2 small tins of Danish Butter biscuits(her tin was blue too), ate the biccies and now have 2 button tins :D
 and am enjoying running my fingers through all the buttons once again. Yes it is easier to find the ones you want if they are kept in tidy little packets, but buttons in tins is just meant to be.
 Don't lose track of the simple pleasures...they are usually free and easy to find.

I recently read a conversation about "what would a Rock/Stone spirit look like?"
 Popular literature and modern day movies tend to show them as lumpy, grumpy and even aggressive creatures...
 Personally, I like rocks and stones...and see any spirit/faerie attached to them as being just as vulnerable as the rest of us.
 Even rocks need a hug sometimes...after all, they are holding the rest of us on their shoulders all the time. How many times have you described someone you depend on as a "Rock" ?
Looking at these rocks made me want to make a more "earthy" faerie.
 (she has moss growing on her to help with camouflage)
 I decided she was more of a sprite than a faerie, so no wings...just a long silky tail instead.
 Roc doesn't need a jacket, if she gets cold she just wraps her tail around herself :D
 Any sudden noises send her scurrying, and she tries to "blend in" with the nearest stones...
 Stone sprites are very helpful she is checking on supplies for winter.
 (I didn't like to tell her they are dried fruit and no longer good to eat)

So how will you be spending your Autumnal evenings? 
What memories sneak back into your thoughts when the evenings start drawing in?
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. This is such a sweet post. My grandmother always had buttons in biscuit tins, and I have to's where they're meant to be.

    Roc is adorable! You're so creative x

  2. I Iove Roc. She's gorgeous. I love flea markets and to this day my favorite find was a huge box of old buttons many years ago. I've used many of them, but, like you said, playing with them is a joy. My other treasures are 3 rocks with holes made by water. Mother Nature rocks. :-) xo

  3. I was always picking up little stones as a child- different textures, the ones with the little pock marks, smooth ones, quartz... love them!

    I loved the old rock/ mountain spirit in the 1998 Hallmark mini series of Merlin. Have you seen that? It is amazing!

    1. Don't remember that one. will check it out :D

  4. The simple pleasures make life worth living, methinks.

    I agree with your thoughts when it comes to Stone Faeries. In order to balance the hardness of stones, their guards and natural friends should possess fluidity or they will just crack each other.

    I love the expression on her face--such determination. (Must show Jane!)

  5. Thanks Magaly.

    Oh Wow Gina, you've taken my fuzzy and vague thoughts on a stone sprite and not only put them into words but also created a little sprite, she is lovely and a perfect addition to any home, I'm sure she'll bring you luck.

    Re the button tin I remember it well only my grans was a button jar. I think it use to be a biscuit container many moons ago but I've only ever known it as a button jar and that's accounting for 40 plus years of it's life. I've got it now, it was one of the things I took when we cleared my grans house out, nobody else thought it was important but to me it was full of memories, buttons off clothing and I even learned about colours and counting out of that jar with my gran. Maybe I ought to blog about that. Memories are important to keep and while buttons do look nice all separated colours in neat pretty little jars, nothing beats messing around in a large tin or jar hunting for that just perfect button you want. :)

  6. I love this post Gina!
    My mom always has her buttons in tins ;o)
    I love my rocks ;o) I am going to start hugging them more often ;o)
    Roc is so precious! Gina, you truly have a gift! A very magical gift!
    Love you my friend ;o)
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  7. Tradition is comfort these days! A safe place to retreat to. I to remember button cans filled the most amazing buttons! My large jar is match for that memory!
    Autumn is my shing moment! Secretly!
    Your earthly Ms Roc is perfect ! Reminding us all to keep the foundation of our lives STRONG! xoxoDebi

  8. Hi Gina, I am new to your blog and will follow...popped in to compliment you on your Faerie Doll. I would love to have one....please tell me how, what and where I can buy on. i love buttons. have a huge jug of them. Some are vintage. You can reach me: and check out my blog at you are very talented and i love your work.

    1. Lol...if Magic Love Crow is vouching for you you must be nice, so I will get in touch :D

  9. Hey Gina ;o) I see Linda came by to say hi ;o) I'm glad ;o) Big Hugs xoxoxo