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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Another "fly-by" post

Sir Lawrence now has a "stove-pipe" hat and a lantern...
though I'm still not sure about his face.
I am going to make him a caped coat....well I am going to try. I can see it in my head lol

 While I'm thinking I decided to tidy my kitchen a bit...and it was cold and sad in the gloomy light, so I made some bright and cheerful "banners"(too narrow to be curtains) from some of those cheap tea-towels I still had...
Didn't turn out to shabby :D. 
Still need to line them but they definitely brighten things up a bit.
Tried to keep them symmetrical, but the purple stripes all being the same way up is a total fluke haha 
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. He's looking good! His face looks fine from where I'm sitting, but when you know you're not content with something, it will niggle at you until it's right.

    I love your patchwork half curtains, what a great use for tea towels.

    Have a wonderful weekend! x

  2. Your banners look so bright and lovely! And Sir Lawrence is a stylish gentleman!

  3. All is so good..You should be proud... thank for sharing.

  4. You are so creative!!! Looking great my friend ;o)