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Sunday, 16 November 2014

May I introduce....

Professor Lawrence Harbinger!
 The Professor (known in higher circles as Sir Lawrence) is the heir to a large estate in Victorian England.
 Unfortunately his family do not share his interest in "proof".
They are perfectly happy to follow the fashion of the "Spiritualist movement", suffering from what Lawrence refers to as "The Emperor's New Clothes" syndrome.
 Lawrence dropped his title and introduces himself as "The Professor", determined that any research he is associated with is properly performed and scientifically recorded.
 From dusk...

 til dawn he can be found in creepy locations, with only his candle lantern to guide him.
 The rest of his time is spent in dark, dusty libraries, searching out local folklore and ghostly legends...

On the subject of dark and creepy....Itkupilli has some awesome collage sets in her store.....she has POE!!!

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Professor Lawrence Harbinger so fantastically you have sewn and have done manual skill
    my English is very bad sorry !
    Dear greeting Elke

    1. Your English is just fine Elke Thank you :D

  2. The last photo is Ultimate! The personalities that are reviewing themselves is wonderous!

  3. Fabulous work as always Gina!

  4. Oh my, I wouldn't mind having coffee with The Professor and discuss some dark theories. He looks like he can tell us lot!

    And what a fantastic getup he is in!

  5. Gina, he is brilliant! I love him! You are so talented girl!!
    Come by my blog, if you can ;o)
    Hugs ;o)