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Monday, 24 November 2014

Planning for the future..

I think it is far to say that I am slightly in when I get an idea I run with it til it is complete to my satisfaction.
At the moment (last few weeks) I feel so overwhelmed with "ooow look!" that I have about 5...maybe more projects all ongoing...
and it is doing my head in!
To add to this, a friend mentioned a project she is planning for next year, and I am going to join in with her.
She only mentioned using a cheap calender, but my mind is already running all over it :/
 Found this in Poundland....Perfect for me :D
And then I unearthed this old (sticky paged) photo album
 and thought it might make a good art journal....
 and it is the same size as my calender pages...
 So I am going to gesso over the not so sticky pages(leaving the acetate page protectors attatched)
and paste each page as a base to work over. 
 though I am going to rearrange the months....
October is going to be April....cos I adore his love songs/he is one of hubby's all time favourites
AND we got married in April
 (and Alice Cooper HAS to be October for Halloween lol)
Deliberately not crediting my friend as she hasn't made her plans public yet, but she knows how impatient I am lol so I hope she forgives me for jumping the gun.
She does awesome journalling, so I will be impatiently waiting for he to show me her techniques each month through 2015 :D
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Every time you say "gesso" I know something yummy is coming out of your creative soul. Bring it on! I want to see it. ♥

    1. Actually, fell back into my fabric box and came out with something dark and furry and terrible ;)

  2. I have those sticky photo pages Galour ....Love your choice of rockers!
    I hear you.....Shapeshifters into an octopus and creat away!
    I would like more about this calendar business! Hint, hint!

  3. This sounds so cool!! I can't wait to see this creation!