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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hortense gets a headache!

After their long, insightful conversation in the woods, Hortense and Her Maj have been getting along famously. In fact you might say they ha become quite "sisterly".
But today, Hortense got a bit of a shock when a rather large, dark, hairy gentlemen turned up sayig he had been invited to visit for the coming Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts!

Now Hortense is no shrinking violet as you know, but there is no way on earth she is going to allow this creature to attend the Queen NAKED!!!

 She already had a dress coat on her manikin that she was making for her beloved Horatio... 

so she set about letting out seams and adding trim in the hopes that it would cover the beast.

 (and hoped that people would be to preoccupied by the creature itself, to notice her dodgy stitching) 
 Even then, the rather large gentleman was still a tad exposed for Hortense's liking...

The creature himself was overjoyed with her creation...

and twirled and flounced and flapped around .

Hortense could feel a quite hateful headache coming on as she managed to wrestle the coat back off him in order to make more alterations.
She made a note to have words with Her Maj as soon as possible!
How on earth was she going to make this visitor presentable!!!

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Goodness but Hortense is a worker....hope she gets the dressing gown done before Her Maj gets a look at the hairy visitor.

  2. Just woke up in Oz and saw the link to your post on FB! Laughed out loud at poor Hortense holding her head! Your krampus is briliant, Gina! You clever, clever woman! :D

  3. How did it take me so long to get here? Loving it!

  4. Rick Rack and all! Your tiny coutures amaze me everytime! I do feel HorTense anguish , but onward brave heart! And cloth that furry beast!

  5. Be watchful with Krampus. That tongue looks dangerous!