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Monday, 15 December 2014

Quick fly-by and updates...cos it's that time of year again

No rest for the wicked...especially at this time of year lol
Hortense now has a fabulous work desk with storage space for her workroom, and icicles are already forming on the eaves!!!
 A strange little visitor arrived (courtesy of Epiphany and Debi)
 and is planning all sorts of pranks ....
 while the woodland possey is busy making decorations for the party!!!
Hortense has (as she puts it) had a little rethink about the planned Nativity sketch, much to the relief of everyone, considering the guest of honour this year.
Unfortunately, this doesn't leave her much time to plan new entertainment....
the last time I saw her she was dragging an old dusty book out of the attic...

I have had a rather annoying head cold for the last 2 weeks, which left me with an even more annoying tickly cough!
Finally got round to working on doll who will be a special present for special friend...
This doll is called "Sweet Violet", and still needs a few finishing touches.
Stay safe and well through the Holidays (and winter)
Blessings to all :D XXX


  1. Be well creative mistro! Violet is a stunner! I should be cleaningm shopping and meal planning but I'd rather visit!
    Huge Canadian Hugs to my Fabulous Friend! xoxoxoDebi

  2. What an amazing house! If I was tiny, I would move in! And I love the woodland friends!

  3. I hope you are feeling better. no snow here and very mild temps.I love all your dolls. You are a very talented soul. Blessings to you.

  4. Ouch. I hate head colds. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. You have been busy! I hope you feel better :) x

  6. Big Hugs and many blessings Gina ;o) I love everything so much! You know I do ;o) I hope you are feeling better my friend ;o) Much love! xooxo

  7. I had to come and see you Gina after visiting Stacy I love what you do, thanks Stacy for talking about Gina, one more wonderful artist to visit ;)

  8. I love her new work space. The girls here... and Puppet *cough* are giving dirty looks because they want a house, too.