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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

"Tis the season" plagiarise and be damned!

Well actually I suppose it would be called "Fan Fiction" as this post was inspired by a fabulous book Magaly sent me called "Krampus the Yule Lord" by Brom.
(and thank you to "Ann the Sock Monkey" by Deborah Hocking for stepping in to play the Belsnickel)

 Hortense's plans for a classic Nativity play didn't pan out, what with so many objections from the locals.
Fortunately she had a little something else up her sleeve...
in the form of a story by candle light, from an old dusty book.

"TWAS the night before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring...
Not even a mouse!
When up on the roof there arose such a clatter,
I jumped from my bed to see what was the matter!"

(As Hortense began reading a stunned silence fell over the small but select gathering, everyone tried not to notice  the grimace on Krampus' face...)

(Hortense carried on regardless)

"Then fell by my window a fat jolly elf,
close followed by "Krampus",
the Yule Lord himself!

I stared on in silence,
with face most distraught,
And watched as the both of them tumbled and fought.
Pulling on hair, kicking at shins.
Trying hard to rip whiskers right off of chins!

(thanks to Foxy for filling in as the Cat)

Then Ma in her kerchief snatched hold of our cat,
as a sooty black Belsnickel dropped on the mat.
He'd fallen ,ungracefully, right on his head.
Through the hole, in our roof, that appeared by our bed.

Now the Reindeer were stomping and screaming with rage,
As the horned ancient Lord battled on with their Sage,
And decided to swoop down with all of their might,
Riding hard (with the sleigh) to the midst of the fight!

As quick as a flash the "Old Round One" leapt on,
And with the wink of his eye(and a grin) soon was gone.
While Krampus lay winded, sprawled out in the snow,
Wondering "What hit me?" and "Where did He go?"

But soon his eyes brightened. the wicked grin back, 
As he caught sight of what seemed to be an old sack.

Loudly bellowed our Lord.
"You left in a rush......but your magical bag's hanging a bush!
With a little adjustment I'll reclaim what you'd hide,
And once more folk will relish my....


As Hortense finished, she closed the book gently and presented it to the Yule Lord
"See..." she said, "this book has been passed through my family, from Mother to Daughter for generations. I knew exactly who you were all along. I hope you found it enjoyable.....Oh, and I forgot to give you these...."

and with that she produced a large bowl filled to the brim with lovely fruit sherbets.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Peaceful Yuletide.
May you be surrounded by love,
and your sweetie bowl be ever full :D

Enjoy :D XXX
(And though Fae is glad to be back in her own clothes, she does rather like the sparklies on her wings)


  1. I'm telling the BBC about you! Bravo! Mistro! Bravo! I sooooo enjoyed your Yuletide Tale , brilliant thespians and of course! My sweetie bowl is always half FULL! 💖🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 Peace & Joy

  2. Wishing you a fabulous Yule ;)
    Loved this and your Krampus.....have always been taken (not literally lol) with the Krampus tradition in Austria :)
    xoxo Sioux

  3. excellent and wonderfully everyone in the house and her stories
    Wishing you all a Blessed and Peaceful Yuletide.

    Kind greeting from Germany Elke

  4. I have topped up my sweetie bowl with sherbets and read and watched with glee your twisted tale of Chrissy Eve, feeling the magic and wishing you dear Gina and all you love a Season of delights and joys, health and happiness xox

  5. "Pulling on hair, kicking at shins.
    Trying hard to rip whiskers right off of chins!"

    These lines made me giggle!

    And how I love Krampus' apron. He looks very happy about wearing it, too. ;-D

  6. Fantastic story and I love Hortense's (please feel free to correct my apostrophe) studio. I can't wait to see what else she gets up to. Yuletide greetings. :-) xx

    1. I has a present for you Poppet!!! Will try and get it to you this week :D

  7. Wonderful story Gina. I woke up my sleeping dog with the giggling. Hope you and your beautiful creations had a blessed Yuletide. *hugs*

  8. LOL! What a good giggle for Christmas eve! Thanks for writing it.

  9. Wow you are talented, and very original, heard about you through Stacy, I love your daring and your lovely craft, wow you are talented Gina! Merry Christmas, and thank you for this lov.....and strange tale ;)

  10. oh my have outdone yourself with this fabulous tableau and rendering of twas the night before whatever.......
    You are super. Happy Everything to you, you right jolly old elf.
    Oma Linda

  11. This is fantastic Gina!!! I love your posts! I love you ;o) Thanks for making my night ;o) I see Lorraine came by ;o) She is a very kind, thoughtful soul ;o) So happy she did ;o) Thanks for being such a special friend ;o) I don't know if you have came by my blog, or by Facebook, but Ravyn is in the picture ;o) Just sneaking in some typing time, while family is sleeping! LOL! Now I have to go look for Santa ;o) Big Hugs and Many blessings ;o) Happy Yule ;o)