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Monday, 8 December 2014

While the wife's away....

After a rather heated chat with Fay, Horatio suggested Hortense go visit a friend for the day...just to get a little fresh air.
Hortense jumped at the opportunity, as her friend Lynne was opening her new store in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside..
 Hortense soon forgot all about the stresses of party preparation amongst all the fabulous fabrics...
 and her mind was spinning at all the possible projects she could begin in the Spring.
 A little "retail therapy" always help her calm down :D
 She had solved the problem of the tall gentleman's modesty...
 creating for him what she called a "gentleman's apron", which tied around the waist, leaving room for his thick furry back...
 Unbeknownst to Hortense, Krampus was making a few alterations of his own....
Well he is a "Wild thing", and prefers freer movement, after all, he may wish to get a bit more physical than most.
Finding the Yule Lord in Hortense's work room, Horatio takes full advantage, brings out a rather large bottle of something only hardened sailors could call "tasty", and asks the dark strange to sit for a while and chat...
 By the time the bottle is empty they have reached a "gentleman's understanding".
Horatio has promised to try and persuade Hortense against the Nativity scene, and Krampus has promised not to "actually" rip her arms off....
*provided she makes it onto his "nice" list by Yule*

:D Enjoy XXX


  1. Yummy! " only hardened sailor's would find tasty" You have kept company with
    That sort have you?
    I love all the scandalous goings on at your comfy home in the shire! Now I'm thirsty!

    1. Lol...not really, but a couple of soldiers and too many "footballing" types hehehe *hic*

  2. LOL! Gina!!! I don't know what to say? I am smiling BIG TIME!!!! Hugs ;o)