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Friday, 5 December 2014

Yule be sorry!!!

Oh My!!!
Look what the Yule Lord left for Hortense last night!!
Yes it is a real tree...decorated only with a hint of sparkling frost. Just the perfect  size for Hortense's home.
 (living tree in pot from Tesco £3)
Hortense is thrilled, and has promised to plant it outside in the Spring.

Fay on the other hand is not quite so thrilled with her day...
Hortense decided she should be dressed as an Angel for the party...
"Angels and Faeries are TOTALLY different creatures!" protested Fay.
"Well tough!" replied Hortense, "You have wings don't you? It only makes sense that you be an Angel!"
" And look....I have added sparkling stars to your wings and Halo... it will look like you are up in the clear moonlight sky."

Fay is not amused....she may be dressed like an Angel, but that is no guarantee that she will behave like one.
In fact, she is pretty sure she could bring some kind of law suit against Hortense for cultural stereotyping or such.

In the meantime, she is planning on staying high up above the roof in the hopes that the Yule Lord doesn't notice her...he is rather prone to lose his temper when his subjects are disrespected.
And though she is annoyed with Hortense, she wouldn't want to see her harmed. Maybe a quiet word with Horatio is needed....



  1. I want to play and chat with these spirited creatures! Keep your creative fire ablaze
    dearest Duchy! xoDebi

  2. That is a delicious tree. No wonder Hortense is so excited.

    I wonder what will happen at court. Fay seems to mean business, even if she adore Hortense. Life sucks when someone wants to stick you in a box... or halo your head and dress you in white.

    I shall follow these legal proceedings very closely. ;-D ♥

  3. I'm loving your doll-house posts! :) x

  4. This is so adorable!! Thanks for the smile my friend ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  5. Hahaha so good to catch up with you! I am going to stay in blog land a bit more then this last year :)