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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Preparing to Party?

Hortense is really excited about her new apartment...

she is already adding little personal touches...

 and fancy trims.

She is hoping to be in for the Yuletide celebrations...

In fact, visitors have already started arriving to help her decorate!

 And Fay is determined to add a little sparkle to the event

Hortense is really starting to "get into the Spirit" as it were...
and is making costumes for the others as we speak,

and her little woodland friends continue to make preparations for a right royal party :D

I wonder what Her Maj will make of the tall dark stranger?


  1. wonderfully this house with equipment with her forest friends
    dear one greets Elke

  2. Looks amazing. It has really everything.

  3. Oh, that's an amazing project, fantastic. I can unterstand why Hortense love her new home.

  4. Tall Dark Stranger you say? There better be two or the fur will fly!
    Love your THEATER ! watching for each reveal! xoDebi

  5. This is so fun. Looks great. Hope Maj is happiest in her new digs.

  6. I don't know if my envy will be able to survive all your doll-making and decorating their dwelling (which you also made) yumminess. Seriously. I need a house for all the ladies around the house. The Faery-Got Mummy said she wants her own house. She also started filling the paperwork to adopt Puppet. The Bloody Bride is contesting the adoption. Yes, it's quite a mess around here. ♥

  7. I love this so much! I'm doing my happy dance ;o) So much fun!