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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Altered Calendar/art journally album...

YAY!! Finally time to start getting messy with Darcy....
I have been joining her in her yearly projects for some time now, and every year is something totally different.
For 2015 we are altering/arting on Calendars!!, and each month Darcy is going to set us items and techniques to use on our pages.
 I chose and prepared mine in advance, pasting each image into an old photo album Which you can see HERE

January's page is ELVIS...well he is known as the instigator of Rock as we now it...
This is the original page...

And this is how it looks now...
The "King" and his minions :D

(We have to leave part of the original image visible)

 It seemed only fitting that he should have a crown..
 (one of the "must use" for this month is book pages)

 (The background is actually a pale blue)

 ("must use" crackle effect)

 ("must use" book pages)

Chose to use Darcy's own stamps from Paper Artsy in my journal pages each month.
Also, as the journal cover is "POE"d I have decided to use a quote from one of his poems on the facing page each month. I wanted a quote that said something about "beginnings"

"...- in my childhood, in the dawn of a most stormy life-..."
from Alone by Edgar Allen Poe

I am planning on adding more personal journalling to each page as the month progresses, so it will be  a record of my year :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. OMG Gina you are a genius, how fab to add the pictures to a journal.. I would never have thought of that.. doh! Love, love it! This is going to be an AWESOME journal of your year.. *blows smoochie kisses over to you*

  2. I am a big follower of Elvis, and you have made Splendidly in your journal! Greeting from Elke

  3. You always see beyond possibilities! This truly will be a very special journal of an amazing women's life! xoDebi
    ps.....what did you win! I clicked but still don't know? Congratulations! but I need details! xoDebi

    1. Oh Debi, I won a Die...for cutting stuffs out, trust me it's a cool prize :D

  4. So cool - that's great, I love it.

  5. What a great idea using the images in a journal. I love how you have altered your page and your book script is very clever. X

  6. Great January altered calendar page, rock is a very worthy and fun thing to alter each month.

    Have made my images quite small, between A5 & A6 so contemplated using a spiral bound journal as not interested in doing the days, i might do that sometime this year.

    Thanks for popping over and leaving your lovely comment:-) xxx

  7. cool idea to journal that calendar ^5 & fun fun is well done


  8. I really like what you did with his hair! He looks very kingly and pretty! The colours suit him!

  9. You are brilliant! What can I say??? You amaze me every time Gina! xoxoxoxo

  10. I love this idea. You are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. Very snowy here and very cold too 3 degrees (F). I hope you are well. Good here. Because of the snow everything is closed (schools) I will write soon.

  11. I must show this to my Piano Man. I think he'll LOVE The King!

  12. Love the alterations you have made Gina, really brought a smile to my face. Great job. Happy New Year and huge hugs. xxx