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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Full moon, murder and mayhem!


"By daylight the Daisies looked so innocent and pure...
By the light of the Moon...they did not!"

Abigail had learned this the hard way!
She had barely escaped in tact after the last full moon.
How horrid of them to attack her! They could have given her fair warning, but NO...they had been thrilled at a chance to tear her limb from limb.

Well Abigail had other friends.
She had thought those sweet, smiling blossoms were her friends.
She had NEVER harmed them...wished them pleasant greetings each day as she passed...even left them gifts of water and food during dry weather...but now she knew they had just been using her, drawing her into their circle of deception.

One friend in particular was more than eager to "pop round" and "chew things over" with theses unnecessarily nasty little creatures.
Mavis didn't like seeing her sweet little Abigail sad and scarred.
"Determination" was Mavis' middle name...and Fire was in her blood.

As the sky cleared to free the fullest of Moons, Mavis headed into the garden of the creepy old house.

The Daisies were already in full snarl, snickering and sneering at the memories of Abigail's despair.
They fell silent as they heard footsteps approaching, their hearts racing with anticipation at another bloody feast.
As the large black shadow rose between the Blooms and their Goddess, they bared their fangs in excitement...

The screams of the Daisies could barely be heard, just feint hisses amidst the grinding of Mavis' teeth.

The "determined" friend had truly popped round to "chew things over" as she had said, while the Daisies had hardly been prepared for a visitor such as "SHEeeeee......!"
Well, that's what they seemed to be screaming as Mavis mowed her way across the lawn....


For Magaly

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Love your Moon Daisies, Gina! :D And what a heroine Mavis is!!

  2. Always good to have a friend like Mavis, ready to chew things over and put to bed any unnecessary unpleasantness. Brilliant story Gina.

  3. What a true friend Mavis is. No Oh Dear, Dear, she just goes and quietly sorts the problem. :-) xx

  4. I can't stop grinning at the satisfied look on Mavis' face. Those terrible Daisies didn't have a chance. They were gone and digested before they could say, "Sheee!"

    Everyone needs a Mavis in their lives. And a Gina, too!

    Thank you for the giggles. ♥

  5. Ha ha ha I love it! I am glad Abigail was ok.. didn't guess about who Mavis was until the end!

  6. Hooray for Mavis! That'll show them! This was such fun reading, Gina!

  7. Absolutely G I R L
    love your MOON DAISIES Gina
    ♥ ...… .... (✿◠‿◠)♥`*•♪♫☺

  8. Your moon daisies are incredible.

  9. Yay !!! Gooooo Mavis :-D xx