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Friday, 2 January 2015

Do you want to build a snowman?

I got my White Christmas ...on Boxing day this year, and it stayed til New Years Eve...
when it left as quickly as it arrived.

This got me thinking about all the fun I have had over the years building snowmen.
That was the incentive I finally needed to get back to scrapbooking

These are photos from 1992/93, of my eldest and myself building a snowman in our yard :D

Still got to add some bits and pieces
 but loved using all the different dies I bought over the holidays
(Tonic/Spellbinders/Tattered Lace)

Orange and green may seem an odd choice for a snowday page, but the colours are from my sons snowsuit.
Are you proud of me Virginia?????

It was my resolution for 2014 to do more scrapbooking and I din't manage a single page this year I didn't make any resolutions and got one done the second day of the year :D
Blessed 2015 to you all
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. What a lovely scrapping you have done. Our snow came on New Years eve. Blech. It's still here and so is the 20 degree weather. We haven't set foot outside the house for two days. Lovely weather for a Harry Potter athon. Stay warm dear lady

  2. wonderfull srappings and snow weather lovely

  3. There were so many things I didn't manage to do in 2014. I was just working on a list of them. I hope to get some of them (most of them) done in 2015, but if I don't... oh well, there is always 2016. ;-D

    P.S. I'm sure Virginia is proud.

  4. No resolutions no regrets! If you FEEL IT do IT ! Love your memory book! Now I'm thinking of alllll those albums I lug around.......Happy Whimsical Sress Free New Year to You! xoxo

  5. Ah, lucky! I'd like a white Christmas!

  6. So cute! We had a green Christmas, yuck! LOL! Love your winter scene ;o) And, I love your scrap booking page ;o) Happy New Year ;o)