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Sunday, 8 February 2015

So what if I do have a few spare body parts just laying around....

I am busy making "things" for a couple of challenges at the moment...
 These "bits" will be made up for Debi's "Bleeding Hearts day challenge" and Quoth the Raven #41-"For the Love of Poe"
In the mean time I am still journalling with the free "Documented Life Project" so I'll share a couple of pages with you now

"Words with Friends"
the journalling reads...This world is not always the nicest place. A few kind words from a friend can give your heart wings"

"What lies Beneath"

AND I still have to write something for Holly Horrorland's "Vampire's  Day Soiree"...aaaagh! *loves the pressure really lol*
Keep crafting folks...will catch up with you all later :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. I can imagine you singing! " for the love of Poe!" as you dash from one creative project to another! Your energie is contagious! I hope! Don't forget to stop for tea & cake from time to time! xoDebi

  2. Loving all the art that you are creating!

  3. Hi Gina, I hope all is well with you and your family. I have been out of touch with everything. My blog included. I am no longer working as there was a big change in directors and it snow balled right down to us part timers. I am sort of depressed but I know that will go away. Sorry for not keeping in touch. I will write for sure soon.
    Your new endeavors are wonderful. Keep smiling.

    1. Oh that is such a shame Linda. I know you enjoyed your work so much. But you will now have more time to craft :D

  4. My dear friends' words always make my heart fly... "Particular when they come accompanied by spared body parts and bleeding hearts," quoth the raven. ;-D

  5. You are always having so much fun! I want to play at your house ;o)