Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bleeding Hearts and Poe!

This is a joint post for "Bleeding Hearts Day Challenge" AND "For the Love of Poe" Quoth the Raven#41

When it comes to "Creative Coupling" I was torn as to who I should I did 2...a couple of couples, getting "coupled" :D


Today is a most special day for them all.
Even dear Edgar has lifted the pall
that most often accompanies him as he walks,
*and especially during his lengthier talks.*

A wedding invite has been issued, post haste!
As these devoted couples have no time to waste.
A grand double wedding!
Oh what a commotion...
who ever would think he should form such a notion.

But the Brides are not sharing in each others joys,
and all the arrangements were left to the boys.

The guests are arriving...
The Brides they are veiled.
They haven't a clue off the effort entailed.
But the Grooms are both desperate to get the job done,
*And both have had more than a small tot of rum.*

The Gentlemen's jackets aren't quite fitted yet,
and Medusa has gone for a chat with the Vet...
To discuss things that only a Bride needs to know.
(Especially if nothing is starting to show)

The other Maid surely has nothing to hide?
But it's quite inappropriate to question a Bride.
Tongues keep on wagging..."She does move quite slow.."
and "Look how she leans so on poor Mr Poe."

The gathering crowd filled with unspoken dread
have perceived that the latest Bride "Poe" is unquestionably dead.
While the young Mr Cooper, his eyes glazed with fear
Is sensing his "Lady" is painfully near.

Hissing and slithering into the church
Her veil is dislodged by her tentative lurch!
Poe and his Dead Bride, Mr Cooper alone
are the only ones gathered there not turned to stone.

Even the vicar, majestically framed, 
is frozen in time by a glanced that she aimed.

"Oh well..." hissed Medusa, "It was worth a try. Not really my scene. I'm not going to lie."
"Mine either" spoke Alice, "I'm more into Sin"
and with that they both left with the hint of a grin.

Poor Edgar looked harrowed...even distraught.
Then he casually lifted his Bride without thought,
Carrying her tenderly back to her crypt,
A glint in his eye as he readily quiped...

"I am drunk with love of the dead, who is my Bride."
*quote from A Paean VI by E.A.Poe*

Am posting early for "Bleeding Hearts Day" as I have another piece to post for a different challenge on the 14th.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Oh Gina! I absolutely love this! You're so creative! xx

  2. Pouring another cocktail and cheers to MedusA and Alice! Kindred souls indeed!
    Well! I want more! You have in a frenzy Is she or isn't she?
    Perfection in mayham , design delight, you inspire greatness in the living and dead my amazing Duchess!
    I love your prose xoxoxo

  3. Lovely her creativity of the dolls and the history

  4. Bloody perfect pair, and poem... Feeling tipsy ;)

  5. Oh are such a clever one. The tale, the players, the artistic effort are all fabulous. Such fun. xoxo Oma Linda

  6. Fantastic Gina, you have such an imagination, just fabulous.

  7. Ha ha ha! I love it! I shall be doing a couple for Bleeding Hearts Day too, but not half as delightful as yours!

  8. Your talents are many, Gina! I am so amazed at your ability to manipulate word, fabric and art--and all three at once! Love your poetry, my friend! Well done!

  9. Absolutely fantastic - loving it all. Have been listening to my Poe audio CD's in the car lately so as I was reading your poem I was hearing it in Basil Rathbones voice! Brilliant stuff.

    1. I wouldn't be able to concentrate...sounds sublime :D

    2. Am actually just writing a review and am linking your post into it - if you don't mind of course ;)

  10. OMGoodness - this is just AWESOME !!! How clever that is and such an enormous amount of work :-D Thank you very much for playing along with us at QUOTH THE RAVEN with this amazing piece :-D

    IKE xx

  11. Poe and Medusa in a church? I'm just surprised the whole thing didn't burst into flames! The holy place must've been feeling gentle for Poe's almost wife...

    This was darkly yummy!!! ♥

  12. The sheer amount of work involved here is mind blowing! And the talent and creativity sheer genius! Most original project and multi tiered that I have ever seen! So glad you shared with us at Quoth the Raven this month! ~Nanette, DT member~

  13. Oh, Gina, this is just fabulous! What wonderful dolls to tell a story!

  14. I've been wondering who your dollies would become ever since your WIP teaser on FB, Gina! You minx, you!!! Story and dollies are AWESOME!! And how did you pull all this brilliance together in such a short space of time?!! I shall now call you, Wonder MInx!! ❤

  15. Wonderful story and the dolls you made to accompany it are magic, I love cheeky Medusa and I'm sure her and Alice will make a great match. Poor Poe, so close to marrying his beloved, maybe next year.

  16. This is fantastic! I really love this Gina! Big Hugs ;o)

  17. what an amazing project! This must have taken you ages to make, thank you for playing along with us at QTR xxx

  18. Have now words Gina... SIMPLY WOW! xxx BDx..... thanks for joining us at QTR.

  19. Congratulations, Gina! Well deserved praise from the DT at Quoth the Raven!!