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Saturday, 14 February 2015

What's in a name?

Welcome to my post for Holly Horrorlands "Vampires Day Soiree"

Just Fred?

It was "that time" again.
The mist slithered predictably toward the doorway of the long abandoned church.
Creaking heavily, the old oak doors shuddered to the touch, groaning half in fear, half in ecstasy as the guests passed through. 
It had long ceased to be consecrated ground. The only creatures worshipping here now, rats, mice and crows...and several rather large spiders.
The visitors dragged remnants of pews to form a kind of circle in front of the altar.
No one spoke, each attending to his or her tasks as if in a trance, the motions nothing more than muscle memory.
Seated in silence, heads hung low in private contemplation, as the crucified Christ stared at them from his precarious perch.
A dark shadowy figure arose from the choir stalls, and all eyes lifted to greet him.


A short, unassuming figure stood up from his seat. Looking around the circle nervously, drawing long slow breaths to steady himself.
" name is Fred....and I'm a vampire..."
The words struggled to free themselves from his dry, cracked lips,
Someone choked back a giggle...then another snorted...then a half laugh...until the whole group were howling with derision at the newcomer.

"SILENCE!!!!" commanded the co-ordinator.
"Oh P...LEEEASE!" snipped a lady in a very tight black gown...."FRED!!???...what kind of name is that for a Vampire?"
The co-ordinator glided over to where Fred sat dejectedly staring at his feet.
"How long have you been a Child of the Night...*cough*Fred?"
"Ummmmm...about 50 years, give or take..."
A collective sigh of disgust rippled around the circle.
Fred heard the whispers..."50 years...and that's the best name he could come up with?"
"It was my father's name...he was a Monster! I thought, if I was going to be a monster, I would need a name that brought dread and does in me...." Fred's words trickled into nothing under the horrified gaze of his peers.
"Oh dear.." soothed the co-ordinator. "Ladies and Gentlemen...kindly show some compassion for our little friend. He has taken the first step to enlightenment. He has shown great courage to stand before us and share. How he despises himself for his own weaknesses.
Isn't HE exactly why V.A. was founded so many years ago? He needs not out derision, but our assistance!"
Nods and mutters of "here, here" followed his saged words.
"So, to business. As an "undead" you are entitled to choose a new name *cough* Fred. Something that inspires fear in others rather than yourself....a strong, regal, even sensual name helps people to show the level of respect you require...any suggestions from the floor?"

"COUNT Frederick VON Glocken!" snapped the woman in the tight black dress..."LORD FABIAN Cunningham-Smythe!"....."Charles LE STAT!"...
The list grew and grew, all very grand names indeed!
" I have to choose right now?"
Fred's head was spinning from the fabulous possibilities before him. Just hearing the names made a tide of passion rise from the depths of his very being.
He could be anyone he wanted to be...he just had to choose to "BE", and a new name was just the beginning.
"Not at all." answered the co-ordinator. "We look forward to meeting you again..same time next month?"
"Oh yes....thank you" replied Fred.

Fred positively skipped back home, his mind filled with endless imaginings.
As he sat in front of the television, watching re-runs of his favourite programme, tapping the toes of his slippers in time to the dancing, it came to him...
A name "respected by so many"....
a name that turned heads...
not exactly a feeling of fear...more "awe inspiring"....
His new name would be.......


Far away...the co-ordinator softly, but repeatedly, banged his head on his large polished mahogany desk....

The end?

*"Brucie" is the nickname of Bruce Forsyth. Long respected and much loved entertainer. Most recently host of the British Strictly Come Dancing*



  1. I love this, Gina! Vampire Brucie, ha! :D

  2. Bwa-ha-ha! I love the set up leading to this! Long may the Dark Prince Brucie reign!

  3. Oh dear...well maybe he needs more time to adjust to his vamp a few years he could be Rufus! Great little tale!

  4. Seems as those Brucie/Bruce played around in both of our heads for this Vampire Soiree. I'm so tickled and absolutely adore your wit. xoxo Oma Linda

  5. As snippy women in long tight dress would say. " what's in a name , let's Tango Brucie"!!!!
    Seriously, I'm writing a letter of introduction to the BBC about the secret talent hiding in Sheffield. xoxoxoDebi

  6. I love this story! I may never be able to watch another vampire movie again without renaming him Brucie. :)

  7. Laughing out loud, Gina! ❤ I could really see this as a brilliant short film! Absolutely loved it!!!

    And the red flowers currently adorning the background of you blog... *SWOON*

  8. Love this Gina, can't stop smiling at Brucie the vampire but I actually feel sorry for poor old Fred in a way, after all why can't a vampire be called Fred, it's good solid old name and sounds much more authentic than Count Frederick Von Glocken. :)

  9. I totally love Fred, soon to be you-know-who (not Lord Voldemort, but, well... you know... who). I think he will get all kinds of neck thrown his way. ;-D

  10. Neat story! I always dig tales which use vampire support groups as a concept.

  11. Poor undead Fred, er Brucie! lol. LOVE this story! I also adore the dolls you made for Debi's challenge, especially Medusa!
    Thanks so much for joining the Soiree! Hope you had a happy Vampire's Day! ^♥^

  12. Great story Gina ;o) Love!!! Brucie ;o) Very cute ;o)