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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

When the inspiration flows...pass it on!

The most fabulous Debi (of Puddleduck Grange and Easel and Quill blogs) sent me 2 naked card board chairs to add to Hortense's house.

So I gessoed...
 decoupaged with flowery tissue paper...

 and painted over with a deep green glaze.
 Finally adding strips of black cotton lace to give them a more "period" look.
 Of course then we needed a table...
Toilet roll tube and a couple of greyboard circles...
 Same treatment as chairs , with the addition of a broader band of lace for a faux table cloth...
 and then the dresser didn't match :/
 More tissue paper and paint...
 and the perfect storage for the altered tea-set :D
 A very cheap child's toy china tea-set (£2) painted over with white craft paint and decorated with a black sharpie :D

And Mr Poe and his companions have a lovely new home to share their darkest stories in.

The portrait in the background is one of Hortense's Ancestors
Anne Bunny.
It is a very informal watercolour, purported to have been painted, one very hot summer, by the monarch of the time(from whom the King of Hearts is descended) 
(mini canvas also sent by Debi)

I have also made a teddy bear...which I will share another time :D
Enjoy :DXXX



  1. I must copy the chair technique Miss Smarty Pants! I love the creative creatures castle, and will be watching for all their antics to be reported in your very eloquent way! You do make me smile! xoDebi

  2. These are such great ideas. You are giving my ideas for a future project.

  3. Wow! Those came out really well!

  4. If I keep on looking at your dollhouse, I'm sure to die of envy. Or of severe case of murder--the Bloody Bride and AlmaMia aren't pleased they haven't got a house yet. Thank goodness for little Poesy. She's always calming them down...

  5. I love this so so so much! So much inspiration for when I have my own dollhouse! Wish I had room!