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Monday, 2 March 2015

Don't dream it!

(yes I have been watching Rocky Horror Show)
It's time for the March page for Darcy's Calendar Challenge 2015.
As it is my birthday month I chose to use Sting(with the tune of "Walking on the moon"paying in my head)
 and he became the "man in the moon" :D
The technique challenge this month is "wax resist".
I painted the page around the moon with "mother of pearl" craft paint (Martha Stewart)
 lit a candle...
 and splattered some wax.
 Once the wax was set I smooshed on more paint.
 After the paint was dry, I used my hair dryer to soften the wax again and wiped it off with kitchen paper 
 The brighter colours underneath now shine out :D
 The second part of the challenge is to use words/letters cut from magazines etc to make a title(mine is more of a sentence)
"Feelgood, watch the stars, free your lone wolf"
 Stamps used from Darcy
 Love the "Midnight Garden" feel to this page.
 (close up of sketchy wolf spirit)
 Quote from E.A. Poe's "Annabel Lee"
*Wax and acrylic paint are difficult to colour over, so I stamped the flower spikes onto scrap paper, coloured and cut out to stick over original stampage*
and yes, I have been watching Rocky Horror :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I love all of this but the flowers added so much dimension. I love it. I haven't worked with wax in a very long time. Hmmmmmm, maybe that will be my playdate with me today. Thanks, Oma Linda

  2. WOW Gina...Should be a poster! Fabulous reconstruction!! Kudos!

  3. What a brilliant way of using the wax. Thanks for sharing!
    C xxx

  4. oo love your waxy splatters and your sketchy wolf is just too cool! Really enjoying the Poe quotes.

  5. Your tripping ! I love your process! What a fun energe! You even made Sting wonderful for me! Flinging hot wax could be dangerous, not for armatures that's forsure! xoxo. Debi

  6. You are brilliant woman! Thanks for sharing about the wax ;o) I have to try!

  7. Few things are as enchanting as seeing your art in the making. You rock!

  8. This is great Gina-I particularly liked how you melted your wax to get a resist-I may have had more success with this method than I had with drawing with a candle!

  9. A real dream feel to this double page spread... love the wax technique. BDx

  10. That's fabulous. I love the wax technique... I will have to try that :-) xxxxxxx

  11. um you mean I could have used a burning candle to drip wax - DOH!!! Very well done - makes me happy