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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

So many little time!

Fly by post just to share my Documented Life Journal pages so far :D

 week 06 "Don't stop til you get enough"

 week 07 "Going undercover"

 week 08 "It's worth repeating"

 week 09  at least 5 layers

 week 10 "surviving the elements"

 week 11 "Borderline, feel like I'm going to lose my mind"
(I know...I spelled Boundaries wrong)

and up to date with week 12 "Coming into focus"

and now back to manic....
Soulfood classes + Shadows of Oz + May Mad Hat projects :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. The Timeless Thief in the Night is my favourite! Love them!

  2. what kind of beautiful pictures. Many small works of art!

  3. This book is just fun to see. Love your variety and words!!

  4. I do t see any mistakes? spelling or otherwise! Now I know who wakes me from the dead each morning.....stamp WANTED across her face would you!
    Wonderful inspiration! I'm behind, but that's me! I made Amy join as well!
    Must dash! I'm Late! xoDebi

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog Gina and for the kind words.I always enjoy seeing your creative art . Hugs

  6. Wow - I'm missing words, all of these pages are so wonderful. I'm still behind with my pages....

  7. Daisies!!! I love them all, but you well know I'm partial to one-eyed daisies. Sooo glorious!