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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What doesn't kill you....

April brings Magaly out to play...and she is wickedly prodding us to release our writing daemons :D
I doubt very much I shall survive the 30 days, but that never stopped me jumping in the deep end before.
So here goes with the first day of NaPoWriMo for 2015
April 1st: Birth of your Art.
Base your first poem on the first work of art that inspired your creative addiction

(a representation of the first drawing I did of my mum aged 5years)

A Muse birthed from pain.
My gift was given with such joy...
But you looked bemused?
"What is it?"
Your words stung.
"It's you..." I muttered.
You laughed , loudly.
"It doesn't look anything like me!"
My tears stung.
You nearly killed my creative urge at it's birth.
But instead I chose to feed it...and feeds me in return.

(the drawing I made of my mum aged 12 years, which people call a marvellous likeness)

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. I'm glad you kept up despite not getting the encouragement you would have liked

    1. Thank you :D I certainly get plenty now XXX

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  3. Woman! No one should be allowed to make me cry before 9am. I can't feel that child's hurt and disappointment.

    Oh, but don't worry too much about my crying. By the end, there was a grin (and a whole lot of pride) shining through the tears. ♥♥♥

    1. Well you started it lol..poor lousey angel :D

  4. Words and laughter can sting as hard as any bee if they are said without thought. Sometimes it's the stings of life that give birth to sheer bloody minded determination though, if only to prove others wrong.

  5. Gina - The pain of criticism and disapproval is so devastating when we are children. No wonder your mother's face lost its smile for you. May your beautiful work and generous heart always triumph over painful memories. <3

  6. I am so glad you didn't give up! What a lovely triumph!

  7. I knew you were strong willed, I love that! Your persistence , kindness and creative inspiration radiates , even through the World Wide Web !
    I do chuckle at the understated compliments of the day! xoDebi

  8. Both talent and determination birthed your art, those fuses aren't extinguished by a careless remark thank god, loved this Gina x

  9. Aw, such sweetness in this. And will power and strength. A gift to read, thank you

  10. Ah, parents can be accidentally crushing! I am glad you kept on!