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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Happy day...

{Second post, please scroll down for NaPoWriMo post}

Short and sweet because of all the posts this month.

It had to be Meat Loaf!!! It is our anniversary month, and Meat Loaf has written/sung some of the most beautiful love songs EVER! One of my most favourite tracks is "Martha" 
 ...makes me cry all the time lol

 This months challenges....Drips and splatters...
and write the same words as many times as you can :D
(Hubby wrote "I love you" 100 times in our first anniversary card)

 Couldn't resist this quote from Poe...
and painted Meat into a Faerie king pulling petals, eyes closed, praying for the last one to be "she loves me!"
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. His fey majesty, it!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pages Gina, love how you have given Meat a Fairy persona! :-) xxx

  3. Joyful! Delightful! and you even transformed Meatloaf! You are AMAZING!
    Your hubby was clever to snap you up forsure! xoDebi

  4. In all his glory...great page!!

  5. Oh such fun! Love this. Catherine x

  6. Personally speaking, I prefer my wife's meatloaf. She cooks it in a Wagner #10 cast-iron skillet in the over and it is soooo good, I had to include it in one of my books.

  7. I love your art. You know I do. But right now, I'm completely focused on that wonderful man of yours writing "I love you" 100 times. Yay! ♥

  8. I love what you do with these books! wow!

  9. You're really a busy creative bee these days. Wonderful pieces :) I especially love this pages.

  10. This is fabulous, I especially love how you did the hair and wings.