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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Helping Hands...

Day 2 of NaPoWriMo 2015
Explore creativity as a healing salve/shield/weapon/negotiation method, to use when dealing with physical/psychological pain
(small mixed media canvas I made last year)

Revive and Survive
So tired....
But my hands fear no pain.
They take my sadness and spread it over blank page,
the soft wet paint,squishing between my fingers
soothes and shines.
The scritchy , scratchy pencil chatters on the paper,
sharing secrets unspoken.
I'm glad if you like the art my hands create...
But I'm more glad that my art likes me.

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Really brill! Words and picture. xoxo Sioux
    P.S. If Fifty Shades caused my shoulder pain.....afraid I'll just be carrying on!!! lol

  2. Tears mix well with paint, don't they ?
    <3 <3 <3

  3. That last line...yes, as happy as it makes me when people like what I create I know that I'd still be creating things just because it makes me happy.

  4. "scritchy, scratchy pencil chatters on the paper" ! Awesome. That was lovely. Good on ya. ;-)

  5. It's good to be liked, but better to like yourself, tho I think the two go hand in hand. Great touch with this, and good to meet your art.

  6. Then we ALL are gifted by your strength and creativity xoxo

  7. This was so wonderfully descriptive of the whole process. Really enjoyed your writing and your mixed media piece is wonderful!

  8. Love this, hands taking control, taking pain and sadness and spreading it out across the page in colourful paint. Your art is wonderful Gina.

  9. Art that likes the hand that makes them. How wonderful! Just like a goddess seeing the children she created being happy to be exactly who they are.

  10. Gina so wonderfully said! You certainly have a way with words and the art the go with it I am speechless :) Xx

  11. I love the image of spreading sadness, and I suppose we all hope our Art will like us, hm?