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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A Grim tale...

Conjure up a poem that describes a person/creature/thing from any mythology.
I choose a "Grimmoire"
(A corruption of the Old French for any book written in Latin, later any book that was hard to understand, and thence specifically to books of Magic.)

(Mini refillable journal from .)

Little book of Secrets.

I lie here, silently brooding on your dusty shelf.
If you fear me so, why did you acquire me?
Why steal me so ruthlessly from the ones who loved me?
They did not fear my pages.
They sang and crooned as they caressed me,
perfuming my leaves with incense and ink.
Sharing and trusting me with their innermost secrets.
Decorating me with symbols,
wrapping me in warm skins....
They held me to their hearts as others tried to snatch me away,
even to the grave.
But you raped the earth that bound them to me.
Broke their bones with utter contempt.

Maybe your fears are well founded...

I am just a book...

But your own fear means you will ever fail to understand the magic within me.

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Not just a book Gina, you gave it a life! Fantastic, and now I want to caress it too :)

  2. Very powerful words you've conjured. I shuddered a bit at the end.

  3. It seems we were swimming the same waters, Gina: things that were taking and corrupted for no good reason.

    I love the tone of the speaker's voice; not vengeful or promising ill, but just matter of fact: you don't know what you have, so you'll never enjoy it.

    LOVE this!

  4. Yes! Why indeed break the bond of love to strengthen hate?

  5. Those that steal because they do not understand! I love that you gave the book the voice! Very powerful!

  6. This was eerie and beautiful, Gina. Excellent.