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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Does it matter?

Weave a poem that explores the difference between "hurt" and "harm"
( my own embroidered "aide mémoire")

No Difference

"...yet harm ye none!"
So spaketh the charm
But can I just hurt you a little?
The mischief you've done
could darken the Sun,
and should weaken your bones til they're brittle.

With a heart that's so dark
you plead ignorance of 
all the pain and the fear you encourage.
And your skin thick as bark
stops you feeling the sharp
nasty words that you use to disparage.

So to "harm" or to "hurt"?
They are both the same shirt
and should not just be worn as a fashion.
When you're dishing the dirt,
be prepared for the hurt
that will harm you 3 fold with a passion.

Enjoy :D XXX 


  1. Nice writing and embroidery. Why is the embroidery a memory aide? I look at the picture and recognize certain symbols and plants, the pentagram, holly, cloud?, feather, a stone?, eye, maybe a poppy and a violet? What does it all mean? I'm very curious.

    1. Hi Elena...each item is an association with the elements and seasons. The flowers depict the colours representing the 5 elements through the seasons, as do the items within the points. Circled with green and red representing the God and Goddess within Nature. Yellow+Feather = Air + Spring, Red+ tiger's eye = Fire and Summer, Blue + Shell = Water + Autumn, EverGreen + Tree = Earth + Winter. The Purple + my eye = the fifth element of Self, and the centre is the Sun eclipsed by the Moon, God and Goddess combined. These are personal associations for me, and I tried to choose flowers that matched the seasons too. The Violets for self are from a song my dad used to sing..."her eyes are like violets just after a shower". Hope that explains clearly for you :D

    2. Nice. :-) Thanks for explaining. Very interesting.

  2. When it comes to intent, they are certainly the same.

    Love what you've done with your phraseology, my Gina... Then again, I always do!

    1. Lol..I will pretend I know what that means and move along swiftly :D

  3. I love it all, but your third stanza is golden! Both the same shirt! Loved the rhyming and the intent!

    1. That's the second time someone's mentioned Stanzas...must look up what it is exactly :D

  4. Ah, gods this brought such a delighted smirk to my mouth!

  5. Ah, gods this brought such a delighted smirk to my mouth!

  6. I love the metaphor you use to describe harm and hurt--as shirts not to be worn as fashion. Love it :)

  7. Bitter is to harm causing hurt....but who does this hurt more in the end?
    Cheers wise FUN talented gal! xoDebi

  8. This is so true--that harm of this nature hurts others but hurts the bringer of it the most--because it shrinks the heart and makes people small. Love your dancing rhyme scheme here.

  9. Very powerful and beautiful my friend ;o) Much love ;o)

  10. I really loved the image you included with this. It was written with a sharp eye