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Monday, 27 April 2015

Cheer yourself up!

Write about a "holiday" invented by you.

Embrace your "Cuddle"

Today is a day I'd like to share,
To banish every woe and care.
If your just feeling "down" or caught a bug,
Grab yourself a "Cuddly" and give it a hug.

Whether grown man or woman, small girl or boy,
We are all allowed a "cuddly toy"
It lends us strength when we are sad,
and shows us love when times are bad.

So show some courage, come out, don't hide!
It's " International Cuddly Day"
So grin and "squeeee...." with Pride!


  1. Aw! This is sweet. I would have to think carefully about which cuddly to choose - we have so many!

  2. Aw. This is fun. Interesting to imagine a day where everybody goes about with their favorite stuffed animal. I picture a corporate office where everybody is standing around a conference table in grey suits, posturing, bragging, taking small digs while waiting for the boss to come in and talk. AND they all have teddy bears, or stuffed unicorns, care bears, maybe a rag doll or two. Hilarious! "Chad, my sunsine care bear is so much better than your Teddy Ruxpin. I mean come on. This is a fortune 500 company. Get with the program."

  3. Bring a cuddly to work day would be just divine!

  4. I'm cuddling my Friday Lavender! And Rocket, too. Then Poppet got jealous... so it was a cuddly party. ;-D

  5. Epiphany and friends are my link to all the magic my virtual world provides!
    Yes! a cuddle and magic saves !! I know! xoDebi
    Thank you for posting our fun weekend event! More Joy! yippy! xo

  6. Yes!! I cuddle my grandpa's Alf everyday ;o)