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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Nothing exploded!

Terry Pratchett's Birthday. Make a quote into a poem.
This was an impossible task. How to choose from an almost endless list of genius?
Get hubby to pick one lol

"The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it!" (Truckers 1990)

(ChakrArt journal page)

Don't forget to take your rubbish home with you!

Isn't that just typical!
I had a real good Spring Clean out.
Ditched all those old worn out "Gonnas" and saggy tired "Wannas".
Saged and cleansed and purged the new spaces
 ready to fill and file all the fresh "Wills" and "Shalls"

And here they all come...

Tramping on the tidy lawns of relaxation to dump their trash!
Pile after pile of "Now your not doing thats..."
Heaps and heaps of "Don't want you getting boreds..."
Followed by reams and reams of "Have you thought you might be happier ifs...".

I can't be held responsible for people confusing "Open mind" with "Open house".

But I am responsible for any trash I let them leave behind!

Lol....this was a really tricky assignment for me. All the quotes I read made me snigger with wicked intent. It seems to me the Mr Pratchett had an amazingly wicked sense of humour. Writing from his inspired quotes was easy...not offending or alienating all my lovely friends was what I was struggling with. (OMG...the "Schrodingers cat " quote!!!) Hubby decided the above quote had least scope for offence :D
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. I've only read two by him and it's hard choosing because they are all so good! The guy was hysterically funny, yet pretty darn shrewd. Really great take on the prompt Gina!

  2. Nice work, Gina. Good fun! :-)

  3. This was so true! That is how it works, isn't it? Oh, you got rid of that? Here, let me give you this. Grrrrr I really, really enjoyed this!

  4. Pratchett brings the blunt out of people, I think. He is (I was going to fix the tense and say "was", but you know what? He still "is"! if I wish it, and I do!"). Anyway, yes, he makes us (me *teehee*) grin wickedly and think a lot. I think your poem sounds like something Nanny Ogg would say, and then she would have a nice drink. ;-)