People I love

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Alienation and detachment...

Alone by Choice?

When I tried to cut myself off from as much of humanity as possible
they came...
they swarmed...
they were happy to share my open space...

So I moved back.
Closer to the fold.
No need for long trips now.
And guess what?

No more visitors during the warm summer months.
No one seeking shelter and comforting food in the snowy weather.
No one visits me ever...

Maybe it wasn't me they were interested in seeing at all?

Enjoy XXX


  1. Oh goodness, sometimes people can be quite contrary! Though at least now you have less guests to clean up after.

  2. Haha! I've come to terms with that same paradox. It took 8 years to reconcile myself to it. Well said!

  3. Lol! Funny. They must have thought, "Let's go give that hermit some company and look at her nice view while we're in her kitchen, eating her food. She must be lonely." Ha Ha.

  4. Separation and distance can bring the kind of intelligence/wisdom that years of therapy might not ever be able to bloom. Sometimes we need a lot of space to see the bigger picture... to see ourselves with others... to see others... to find ourselves and keep who we are.

  5. She was wise. We lived in a summer resort destination for 12 years. We had company coming out of our ears every summer, people we had not seen nor heard from in years. Made their vacations cheap, I guess! LOL Lots of work for me, though! So I totally understand this!

  6. Go figure... life is strange sometimes (and people). You just never know what's in store.

  7. Indeed a paradox...what were they seeking if not you?