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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Think before you speak harshly to others...

Write from the point of view of a fictional character



" I'll get you my pretty...and your little dog too!"
Those were your exact words...spat out with venom and hate.
What did I ever do to you?
A tiny little pup like me....harm an experienced Crafter like the magnificent Elphaba?
I trotted on...following my mistress, chasing Butterflies and Lions, but I just couldn't shake off the injustice of your words.
Now you hide, cowering under the Moon that birthed me, using poison blooms to trap my beloved.
There is one thing , however, you should be aware of...
My name is short for "Total Eclipse", from when the Moon over-powered the Sun on the day of my birth...
Ad I'm not such the "Little Dog" that you may have thought!

("...and her little dog too?")

Mwahahahaha....Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I'm one of those people who is always more worried about the fate of the animals than the humans when I watch TV shows or movies. Wonderful painting, Gina! You go, Toto!!!

  2. The "little" characters that get ignored sometimes have a way of becoming a fearsome adversary. This made me grin.

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  4. Oh my sweet canine-loving gods! You should've heard me shrieking and cheering for the mighty chaser "of butterflies and lions" (I think my cackles scared the Little Princess).

    This is fantastic, Gina. I love Toto's voice, his reasons, he outrage and your superb rendering of him!

  5. Awesome! Toto gets a voice and he's eloquent and aggressive. Love it. I'm tempted to use this new word I've learned:
    Favorite part: chasing butterflies and lions

  6. Oh Gina.....this is fabulous. I want to learn more of Total Eclipse's attitudes and adventures. You have a beginning of something special here. I love everything about this, the thoughts, the painting, your attention to detail. Huzzah. Thank you so much for being a part of this year's celebration. xoxo Oma Linda

  7. Love this aspect of Toto, Gina!
    It makes me happy that the little animals-all too often tragic victims-have a powerful voice here. Fantastic.
    Love your words and your beautiful drawing.

  8. Ha! That'll larn the old biddy! Just a delightful twist on this one. I like the definition of Toto's name, and his revised er,.. abilities.

  9. What a transformation! I, too, would like to hear more! And, now I have an ear worm! "Total Eclipse of the Sun"

  10. Toto the weredog!! Brilliant!

  11. You go Toto!
    I love the expressive eyes and all the detail given Toto in your creation.

  12. Standing ovation! Hey! tOTO! How brilliant to chose the quietest character of all! You are brilliant! Applause, applause! xoDebi

  13. Lovely little Toto. Too bad about his misfortune at the paws of... well, you'll need to read all about it. Be sure to visit Magician of Oz and read my contribution to the Shadow of Oz.

  14. That Wicked Old Witch better Watch It or she might just get BIT!!! What a wonderful Man (Or ummm, Woman's) BEST FRIEND!!!! Awesome Toto!!!!

  15. That Wicked Old Witch better Watch It or she might just get BIT!!! What a wonderful Man (Or ummm, Woman's) BEST FRIEND!!!! Awesome Toto!!!!

  16. You know what is amazing, the constant joy and genuine amazement I am hit with by your creativity & in this case 'dark side', Oz reinvented in Total Eclipse FANTASTIC love the art & the twisted tale Gina!

  17. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!! He is very handsome! LOL! I know I have said this a million times, but I LOVE your mind!!

  18. Ah, loved the POV and the phrasing. A really nice bit of work there. And wrapped snugly in a setting everyone loves. Nice.