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Thursday, 23 April 2015

When sleep evades me...

Write about the intricate relationship between pain and sleep.

(from an old art journal)

My Companion, My Curse.

At night,
I can only think of you.
You fill me with fear and sadness.
Why must you torment me so?
I followed your rules..
I obeyed your restrictions...
Yet you will not forgive my weakness.
Your claws scrape along my bones, making my muscles scream.
Yet I must remain silent.
I drift into unconsciousness,
but you drag me back, kicking and wriggling into the silence of night.
My mind begs for rest, as you poke and stab at my insides.
I need to sleep to hide from your assault.
Yet you despise the relief it would allow me.
So I will not sleep tonight...
My mind will not be still....
I will create instead.

Enjoy XXX


  1. The silence of the night is the worst part, as you get used to the pain and tolerate it, the silence bears down on you, taunting you. Haunting.

  2. Very powerfully written with pain as the bogeyman that hounds you even when trying to rest. Thank goodness for creative minds that can work this into some type of beauty.

  3. Wow. You got it exactly right and worded it beautifully. Good write. :-)

  4. Oh, the desperation! You captured it perfectly!

  5. I love that your poem captures the terrible exchange that goes on between speaker and pain. But I feel horrid that you know the details so well.

    My favorite part is the conclusion... for I, too, create when sleep is stolen by pain.