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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Art as an obsession...

After a month of writing daily, I needed an art fix.
I decided to revisit one of the many fabulous Soul Food classes from early this year hosted by Sarah Trumpp.
These are the 2 pieces I made for her class and I call them 
"Hubby and Her"
 So I painted another little character onto a piece of ply.
These are watercolour pieces , so it was an interesting exercise on how the paint would work.
That is when it became a wee bit of an obsession lol.
I needed a greetings card for a dear I painted a selfie and used it as a card topper :D
(yes that is my William Morris bag)
Then it occurred to me this style would make a wonderful art swap with another friend...but you know me...
MAYBE.....this style would make a cute little doll...

 With a yummy floral dress...
 and a portrait to match...

 Meet Molly Mop :D
 Again I used the painting as a card topper...
 and Molly is now on her way to some place in the US :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Molly Mop is brilliant, and I love your paintings ♥

  2. I just love it when you are out of control. I love the progression from I needed a wee fixed to I completely lost it and made a doll, too. And your selfie? Awesome! Love your hair and your purse.

  3. Woooow, Gina!!!! They are beautiful! And that doll!!! AMAZING: :)

  4. Awwww, you always make me smile Gina!!! Love!!!!

  5. Wonderful Gina., what a great talent you are.

  6. Whoa! That's amazing how you brought that artwork into 3D!

  7. And that's how is't done! Molly Mop! genius brand! I admire the colour choices and amazing fabrics you use and bring together! Well Done xo