Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A "Quothing" Raven

This months "Quoth the Raven" challenge was so worth the wait!
Design something with a Raven in it...
I started by making a few sketches to get a feel for this majestic bird...
 Then an idea started to hatch...
 and my Raven started to grow...
 Then he started to speak...
 and flap his wings restlessly.
Once his beady eyes opened he was off...
 searching for what who could tell?
 Or Who?...
 "AAaaahhhhh! There you are!!!"
"Now I'll be with you...... Evermore!"

Had great fun making this boisterous character...and what you can't see is the blue shimmer his feathers have :D
Now off to "create" for Monster Madness at the end of this month :D 
Enjoy XXX



  1. Gina!! He is so special! I love him!!!

  2. Gina, it befuddles me that you are not in Hollywood creating scenes and designing costumes, or at home writing wonderful novels. That said, I am glad you are here with us creating art for the Quoth the Raven challenges! Magnificent raven today! Love it! Eggs-actly perfect!!

  3. What a masterpiece - this is just awesome :-) Thank you for coming over to share with us at QUOTH THE RAVEN :-) I can almost hear you doping the voices and talking to that Raven as you created him :-D

    IKE xxx

    Co-Author QTR

  4. I love, love, love that you grew your raven from an egg! Magical Evermore, I tell ya! ♥ ;-D ♥

  5. So sorry that I haven't been around for weeks. You've been very creative during this time and created wonderful works :)
    Your raven looks fantastic, really very cool.

  6. You wiped this magnificent bird from knoW where and Volia..... Straight towards You Know Who! For evermore! I love visiting your passions! x

  7. WOW, this raven is fabulous! It is was to also see how he/she was created.

  8. I repeat, Wow! Love this I adore this type of art awesome make, Gina! Thanks for playing at Quoth the Raven this month! ~Nanette, DT~

  9. I freaking LOVE this!! How great you captured the transformation too! Thank you for entering this at QTR x

  10. You always amaze and inspire me Gina.... I adore your gorgeous raven.Thank you for joining us at QUOTH THE RAVEN.... Hope you'll join us again soon. BDx

  11. Congrats on the big win over at Quoth the Raven, Gina!! Well done!

  12. Congrats on the big win over at Quoth the Raven, Gina!! Well done!