Saturday, 13 June 2015

World Doll Day!!!!

EDIT 17th June,Draw closed:
Winner Magaly Guerrero

I didn't know it until yesterday, but the second Saturday in June is apparently designated
 World Doll Day
How cool is that?
Thank you to A Magical Whimsy for alerting us..and my dear friend Debi for pointing me in her direction.
I don't know the proper protocol of the celebration...and you know I have probably made and given away enough dolls last year to cover me for the rest of my life lol.
I will however share a few pics(nothing like all)
and give thanks for the ability to bring a smile to distant friends with my creations.
Her Maj/ Horatio...

 Molly Mop...

 Batty Girl...



Steampunk FaeryGodmother...


Guardian Angel...

Grief that was difficult....choosing to share just a few feels so wrong.
So to make me feel better, I will make a doll for one person leaving a comment on this post.
I will write down all names and "lucky dip" a winner(even if they already have one of my dolls).
It will be a smallish one as I have a few projects I am already working on and don't want you to be waiting ages.
I will make the draw on Wednesday 17th June 2015 and contact the winner myself.
Hope you already have a doll to share your world, their love is unconditional.
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. I had no idea, either! You are always discovering a yummiest things. Your doll family looks so great (and always growing). Love, love, love it!

    Happy Doll Day, Gina love! ♥♥♥

    1. I totally rock!

      Gracias very mucho. You've made my day. :D

  2. The love of Doll Making is YOU! your dolls are ALIVE! with personality and intrigue ! I knew you would love this Celebration and honour it each year!
    As always, you inspire me and I'm very sure others! xDebi

  3. Oh my goodness, what a selection! I love that you make knitted dolls and I love the character you imbue them with! Molly Mop is a star!

  4. I am truly in love with your gaurdian angel and Epiphany but they are all incredibly unique and sweet in their own right. I adore your dolls.
    Hugs June x

  5. I am so glad to get around to visit the doll posts. I am in love with your steam punk fairy! All of your dolls just ooze (in the best way) personality!

  6. I LOVE all your dolls, especially Krampus, but not as much as my Batty Girl! I posted a picture of her and mentioned your sweet giveaway btw. x

  7. I am amazed you get time to blog you clever girl, these are beautiful