Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Send in the Clowns....

I've been trying to decide on a song to take inspiration from for this months 
then I got a special request for a doll to sit on a shelf in a friends shop...
we share a twisted sense of humour...he is a tattooist, and wanted a psycho clown ...
meet Tony

Tony has some rather severe anger management issues, and
he has been "lost" *cough* several times during his existence, so he is planning on making the studio his "permanent" home from now on :D

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Oh this is fabulous Gina!! I love him! :D Mo x

  2. Sir Anthony Hopkins would love your clown friend, " Tony". I sure DO! xo

  3. Well, you tell your friend that he inspires wonderful ideas! Tony is a (psycho) looker. ;-D ♥

  4. Ha! He's great! I may have to dress Burt up as Tony for Halloween this year!

  5. You can send in that clown, but I'm afraid the dungeon has their own twisted circus to contend with!
    Fabulous clown doll. Pretty creepy, which is how they are supposed to be, right?
    Thanks for joining us in the dungeon at HDH!

  6. EEEK! Fabulous! Definitely nightmare inducing. Thanks so much for joining us in the dungeon at HDH. xxD