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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Gentle spirit....

The last doll I made for a friend creeped quite a few people out lol
I decided to make a doll for another friend who I go "investigating" with.
Last time I saw her she gave me some of the softest fabric I have ever handled...positively "wispy", so I knew I had to make the complete figure and keep it light and a little floppy.
 Her character came through immediately, so soft and gentle...
 hard done by but ever smiling...
 a strong beautiful soul.
 I could barely bring myself to add colour to her face at all...
 so delicate you can hardly feel her in your hands...
 around her neck, a fine plaited thread....
 holding a delicate silver key.
What her story is I don't yet know, but I'm sure my friend will soon be able to tell me.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. She's gorgeous! What a sweet, thoughtful, generous gift. xo

  2. She is beautiful Gina, a real gentle spirit.

  3. Your sculpting is wonderful! I LOVE her hair and eyes! You created another very special creation! xDebi

  4. How I live her hair, her face, her dress... The expression on her face, the shape of her lips and eyes. Precious... full of tales... ♥

  5. Quite a stunning lady! I'm always amazed by the faces of your dolls and love seeing the them taking shape.

  6. How gorgeous :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. She is hauntingly beautiful

  8. Fabulous and beautiful.
    Just had a quick catch up on the previous posts!!! Not had much spare time recently....too busy planning/organising/consolidating my craft space/spaces!!! Soon it will only be in one place instead of 3. perhaps i'll have more time than to make stuff instead of wasting time looking for stuff ;)
    Enjoy the rest of the summer if you get one...'cos ours down here has been atrocious!!
    xoxo Sioux