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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A play on words...

My September page for Darcy's Altered Calendar Challenge
 ...and this is how it began....
 The part of the image I kept visible is Jon's luscious locks :D
 I added lines to the background with the edge of a credit card (part of the challenge)
 I wanted to do an "autumnal" page, so stamped, coloured and cut out some of Darcy's leaves...
 The hand needed to be reaching for something, so I painted on a ripe juicy apple.
 I used the credit card again to add lines to her dress design.
 Now the tricky part...randomly select 10 words to add as a sentence to the page.
I flicked through a book and circled the words I jabbed with a pencil lol
 and got this interesting selection
 My sentence reads ...
Sparkle "Dear Caroline"
Muslin light delight,
life slammed her door.
Darcy actually meant you could add other words but I didn't read that bit lol
 My Poe quote is an abridged line from "Alone"

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Ooooh - waaay cool. This is FABULOUS :-D xxxxxxxx

  2. Poking pencil, slamming now.....breath.......don't bit the apple, I know what your up to!
    Gesso is t covering that well! hahahah xDebi

  3. what fun words & a cool way to get to. lol the hair

    xoxo & ^5

  4. First of all, Jon's hair reminded me of your hair. And that made me giggle. Love the madness of your random word selection. And the quote for the Poe page, brilliant!

  5. Very cool, and your words work perfect, kinda poetic, like a Haiku type fingy!

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  7. Excellent! Turned out amazing! (Had to delete before! Had a spelling mistake! LOL!)