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Saturday, 12 September 2015

The gift of inspiration...

My lovely friend Clare contacted me last week to ask if I'd be interested in meeting up for an open air theatre show she fancied seeing. (The site, Yorkshire Sculpture park, is between where we each live).
And now I need to thank her for the wonderful gift of inspiration this evening held...
Who wouldn't feel inspired to create after a moon and flame lit evening in amongst the trees!!!

"Whispering Wood Folk" performing  "Red Threads"(Open air theatre)

 I wasn't going to share the photos as they are very blurry(flickering flame lights and no flash for obvious reasons)
 but somehow this all seems to relate the magical atmosphere so well :D
 Wonderfully evocative storytelling...
 of the journey from childhood to adulthood....
 travelling from a place of safety...
 into the world of uncertainty.
 Thinking you are alone and uncared for...
 yet all along, being watched over by those who love you.
 Facing dangers....
 finding strength...
 being accepted for who you are.
 Then finding love...
 that makes you feel the security you did before...
 and releases joy in your own existence...
 that allows you to fly!

I'm not sure if that's exactly what the storyteller was trying to convey, but it is certainly the happiness that I came away with...
as well as this fantastically beautiful Angel/Faerie made by Clare herself :D

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. this is all so lovely. The woodsy production looks so interesting, makes me wish I could have shared this adventure as well. xoxo Oma Linda

  2. Oh Gina - it looks like a magical evening, I love things like this, complete one off never to be repeated little pieces of magical memories - you look like you had an awesome night! I will keep my eye open for these again - thanks for sharing!

  3. This look like just the sort of thing your would really enjoy and it wasn't raining, bonus. I always think theatre is inspirational and open air theatre, interacting with the surroundings must have been spectacular. :-) xx

  4. Fabulous photos Gina and what a wonderful evening, it's been years since I went to an evening theatre outdoors, must look for something. Thanks for sharing xxx

  5. What a lovely experience! The pictures are spell binding. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This reads like a dream, Gina. I love how you told us the story through pictures... I can close my eyes and imagine myself there.

  7. Reminds me of returning to the end when it opened into the garden....Wonderful experience that will impact your creative heart I'm sure !
    Thank you for sharing this! True enjoyment. xDebi

  8. You go on the most awesome adventures, we a bit sparse on culture where I live, unless you count that stuff growing in the bottom of the fridge :/

  9. Looks like an enchanting evening entertainment.
    xoxo Sioux

  10. Gina!~ My goodness - your blog is stunning. Such a change. You are doing different things ... good for you. I am beginning to blog again ... so if and when you have a minute, please pop over for a visit ... and a sangria. xoDonna

    1. Fantastic to see you back in the online community :D

  11. Such a beautiful post! I needed to read this today! Everything happens for a reason ;o) Much Love ;o)