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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Quick post....

Sorry I haven't been around much this last month....
was very sleep deprived and using puter was making my eyes sore, but feeling much better now.
I have been busy off-line though
 Red Mantelet/cpelet for a friend...
 and sparkly hat and cuffs for me. :D
I have also been working on a canvas for a competition*I went for having fun with product rather than especially clever arty type* which I'll post about at the weekend.
Hope your all well.
Oh...and I have 2 posts coming up this month as a guest DT for
*and now I am supposed to be practising crotcheting*
See you sooner
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Honestly Gina, you are to talented! Your knitting is beautiful - adore the cuffs. Hope you will drop by my blog ... I'm up and running again .. only a few posts, however will keep going. Missed you and all the great things you do. hugs, Donna

    1. Can you give me a new link? I'd love to see how your getting on XXX

  2. Cooooool - LUV the knitting. Good to see you back in here :-D

    IKE xxx

  3. You Fuel my WILL to live! Stop my black old heart, your knitting is magnificent! I adore the caplet and the colour is sooooo Regal! You dabble in ART do you? in your spare time? Seriously, you are my hero! xoDebi

  4. ah as long as you are OK -missed your posts! Love the knitting beautiful!

  5. missed your wit and wisdom, glad you're back at it. Goodness but you are handy with needles now aren't you????? Lovely work. xoxo Oma Linda

  6. I know about having to catch up with your sleep and resting your eyes; take your time... especially if you are creating yumminess while you are at it. ;-) ♥

  7. I have been away too! Take care of your eyes! I love your creations! Wish my mom knitted still! Her hands are too bad! Maybe one day I should try? Hugs ;o)