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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Working under cover...literally!

I have never made any secret about the fact that, although I can turn my hand to any craft out there, I am crap at crochet.
 A friend decided to spend October learning this cursed craft, and asked if anyone else fancied trying of course I joined in.
 With good advice, and practice....
 and more practice *tinged with obsession* my pile of squares began to grow...
 they soon took on a life of their own...
 and my confidence knows no bounds.
I have had this book for some time and decided to break out and add a few flowers to my pile...
 and then a few more....
 until I decided they needed to become something practical.
 This is where I am up to right now...
8 strips of 12 squares....
tomorrow they will become a blanket!!!
My crash course in crochet is paying off nicely.
A bright cheerful blanket to snuggle under as the nights grow longer.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. You are a whiz at making these and the joinery is superb.......I can hardly wait to see the finished snuggly blanket. I made a queen sized bedspread of 8" squares while I worked at the cemetery. Everyone who came in kept asking me if I was crocheting a blanket for my house. I guess they thought I would never stop. It was a beautiful thing when finished.

  2. This is beautiful hooking indeed! What ever you were thinking about during this rampage, I hope is sorted out! hahahah! I will be quite concerned if a pillar of alabaster ( or marble) shows up here, and you in apron and goggles!
    In Awe as always.....xo

  3. Good grief! You learn FAST Gina! A beautiful collection. It will be lovely to cuddle up in. I've never learned either -- think I might leave it that way. lol. hugs, Donna

  4. When I grow up, I want to be crap at crochet (Gina style, of course). This area wonderful!

  5. this is what i need to do! i should have started with little squares instead of a big blanket. thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Another great success, I love how the white makes the colours pop. It will be like snuggling under a little flowery hillock interspersed with glorious heather and bracken. Big massive miss you hugs. :-) xx