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Friday, 18 December 2015

Are we there yet!

Well nearly lol
Managed to get my last 2 handmade gifts finished today.

My DILish loves the dolls I make, and asked if I could make one that looked like a dalmatian.
Well never been one to miss a challenge....
First I had to find some patterned fabric, but they were all too large a print, so I used a generic animal print stamp and made my own :D
 Usually I know the character of my dolls as soon as I start making them, but this one was tricky to pin down.
 Didn't even have an idea of how he would be dressed *though I knew he was a he*.
 And what a cheeky rogue he turned out to be lol
 Such a charmer, but more than a little restless...
 he definitely has a "fairground worker" feel about him...all fun and frolics...
 not a care in the world :D
 Totally makes me think of a young David Essex.
His companion is a crochet chubby guinea pig quiet and shy by comparison and headed to the same household :D
Hope your all sorted and finding time to relax before the festivities begin*I have already started eating my cake lol*
Enjoy XXX


  1. You, my Gina, have been on a roll. Wow! This is a great looking fellow--his guinea pig friend, too. Love the expression on his face!

  2. Oh Gina that was fab to see him develop, I agree very much like David Essex I'm sure the recipient will love him and the cute guinea pig

  3. Oh my - that is just delightful. What a gorgeous lad he is and such a lovely face :-D xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I want some cake too! LOL! He is a darling! Such a cute face! I love the little piggy! So happy to see my card made it to you!!! Big Hugs!