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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tis the Season...

After the trauma Hortense went through on her wedding day, her friends decided she needed a truly special Yuletide party.
Last year she missed out on her Nativity play, as she had to organize a welcome for an unexpected guest, Krampus Lord of the Yule.
 An ancient but beautiful little Angel joined the fun, and marshalled the pigeons on the roof to form an Angelic choir...

while Clara organised the Hedgehogs to play shepherd and sheep...
who quite happily rolled in cotton wool for better effect.

It wasn't long before the others noticed what was going on.
Even Krampus called in, congratulated Hortense on last years celebrations,...
and asked if he could be one of the 3 Kings?
 Her Maj was more than happy to supply three crowns *she has quite a few since the spider incident*
She even agreed to allow Simeon Whyte to join the long as Krampus kept an eye on him.
 Hortense and Horatio had the parts of Mary and Joseph, and more than a few heartfelt tears were shed as a cute little fox cub snuggled and slept in their loving arms...
 After all, what is the point of a party if not to share emotional memories with friends old and new?

BLessings of the Season to you all
Enjoy XXX



  1. Well! Bravo All! I love the hedgehogs! How kind of them to be wrapped in wool!
    Lovely band of thespians , quickly fall into any character with ease! Good of you to be stocked up on crowns! You always bring me inspiration and a smile!
    Happy Holidazes to you clever girl and yours!
    Now.... Relax, refuel and CHEERS! xo

  2. Huzzah to a lovely gathering of actors. I love your view on "events" and this certainly is just that an event. You always manage to put a smile on me. xoxo Oma Linda

  3. Gina - you are completely genius!

  4. Krampus is such a jolly fellow. Can't have a party without him... not if you don't want to be thrown into a sack and beaten with a switch. ;-D

    Love this, Gina! ♥

  5. What fun! This brought a smile to my face. Seasons blessings to you!

  6. Blessings! You always fill my soul with such happiness! Much love!!!