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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Last minute rush!...Moi?

The last few months I have been a really poor "Quother", so I was determined to make something for this months Challenge For the Love of Poe.
No surprise I got side tracked and missed Valentines. 
I had been given a Knitting & Crochet mag at christmas, but the colours in it were not really me. I was inspired however by a pattern for a couple of love birds included...
 a change of yarn and a few tweaks to the design...
 and a Valentine with a difference :D
 He is a bit of a cheeky chap...
 but that belies his broken heart as he searches for a lost love...
Mayhaps he is the Raven that visited Mr Poe in his boudoir?
As to the creature that distracted me this month...
meet Mavis. 
 She is still feeling a little worse for wear...
but her daisies are blooming beautifully..mwahahaha.....
These two may be a little on the cute side for some,
but I would like to enter them in Forever Dark 2s February challenge

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. They express the imagination of the Artist! & unique personality all their OWN!
    I love that you make patterns Your Own! ( 💜)

  2. Love these creatures. Especially the crow. I hope he finds his sweetheart :)

  3. And who said cute can't be dark and lethal? I mean, have you looked at my wee hammer lately? The cutest thing. Just like Mr. Cedric and Miss Mavis. The cuteness is just to confuse the pray... and the daisies. ♥

  4. Oh you've been busy again I love Mavis - absolutely fantastic!

  5. They are both so adorable, I just want to hug them! Love love love!

  6. My heart is melting!!! I love them both!! Of course I have a soft spot for Cheeky Raven, but Mavis, I want to give her a hug!!

  7. OMGoodness !! These are just amazing :-) The little sheep looks so sad but maybe she doesn't know she has daisies growing !!? The Raven is just adorable - the look on his face is fabulously funny. I think he may well have been the famous Poe visitor :-D
    Thank you for playing along at QUOTH THE RAVEN

    IKE xx
    QTR Author