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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Where does the time go???

It is nearly April for goodness sake!!!
 Time for Eastery goodies...
 and new curtains in the Kitchen...
 and spring cleaning in the garden.
 Laying paths over muddy patches...
 and cleaning windows lol
 Well the front garden is tidier, but now need to build a raised bed where we pinched the slabs from :D

The pond is overflowing with frog spawn...
Pirate Bob has moved house...
 and a very sparkly Unicorn is waiting for his rainbow mane...
 But it is nearly April...and time for Magaly to provide us with a month of prompts to work our magic from :D
See you soon :D XXX


  1. Gina!! I've missed you! You have been busy! I want to come to your house and help out and play! I promise, I'm a good worker! LOL! Your house is looking great! I cleaned a bit outside, but we have been getting lots of rain and next week, maybe some snow?
    That is a lot of frogs!
    Your new kitchen curtains are very pretty! Easter is early this year! I love your bunny and your Unicorn has stolen my heart! I will miss Pirate Bob!
    Big Hugs!

  2. YaY !!! Lovely little knitteds and your garden is coming along nicely. I washed my windows and then it rained hahaha !!!
    That is a very cool Bunny in that bucket and I am in love with the Pirate Sheep LoL

    IKE xxx

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  3. Oh you've been busy, loving that you've managed to tidy up the garden space, I missed the window of opportunity and its all grey again - sigh - maybe next weekend!

  4. I am so jealous of your spring happenings. I'm moving really slow these days, and it continue slow until mid April when the current treatment is finally over. By then, there will unicorns and tons of pictures of former frog spawns. :-D

    You must've been reading my mind when you were writing this post, lol! I just posted the prompts (only 13 this year, since last year we nearly had heart attacks... or probably it was only me). Well, kind of only 13, since I'm doing micro-poetry on Facebook for the month, too. I hope you join in that one--which means I get to read you every day for a month!

    1. Lol..not your mind...your fb page :D

  5. OK I am probs like the most non (or is it 'un') envious person on the planet, but LOOK AT HOW PRODUCTIVE YOU'VE BEEN... give envy where it is due (or is that give credit???) Our things that spawn in the rain water turn into mozzies or cane toads... or things we look up in wikipedia :/ Look forward to seeing you at Magaly's April shindig ;)