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Monday, 1 February 2016

Rekindling the Spark

OK...I is a BAAAAAD blogger.
January seems to have been a bit of a washout all round as far as art is concerned,
February is a time to see the light and start moving forward again...

Time to focus that internal energy onto the spark of creativity....
it's not that I haven't been creating...
 Sparkly purple Dragon
 Badass Bunny
Hexagon daisy blanket...
but all this crochet is no substitute for mental gymnastics, and my mind/muse is wandering in the direction of a derelict old house, 

a lawn full of carnivorous daisies, a missing Mavis...
and a very inquisitive squirrel.

See you all soon...mwahahahaha....
Enjoy :D
BLessed Imbolc to you all XXX



  1. A lot of beautiful stuff there! <3

    My mind always lives in the creepy old house... maybe that's a bit different ha ha!

  2. Oh you have been busy crochet envy mum trying to teach s me and said 15 year old only managed chain stitch with uneven tension up to now sigh

  3. Mavis? gone walk about? Sorry to hear this. I have been a baaaadddd blogger, and for that my joy has suffered! We must not fall into dispair ever again!
    I must grab Holly's button as well....upstairs to the laptop, blow the dust pile OFF!
    Take care and know you are appreciated! xoxo

  4. Awwww!! I am smiling with all your creativity! I love it so much! I have to try to do a painting for the blog party! Hugs! Missed you!

  5. That Badass Bunny is awesome. Love the eyes sooo much.

    And yes, YOU HAS BEEN TERRIBLE! I'm glad you are admitting it. Letting us miss you like that. Terrible, indeed.

    I guess I'll forgive you now that you are coming out for the vampires. :-D ♥

  6. Wonderful project. I really love the Badass Bunny :)

  7. You really got your mojo back and are turning things out left and right. The animals are wonderful! So much character. I must say, I'm very attracted to the old house. Keep on keeping on. I so enjoy your work. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Gina. hugs, Donna

  8. WoW - so creative. I am glad you have found Mr Mojo :-) xxx