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Friday, 5 February 2016

Missing Mavis Mystery

The continued Adventures of Abigail
Here are the links to part 1 and part 2 

Moon Daisies pt 3

Many moons had passed since Mavis' intervention.
The garden of the old house looked even sadder than it had previously.
Abigail slowed her pace as she dragged her fingers across the rusty railings.
"Where are you?" she sighed, glancing from one end of the lawn to the other.

Mavis hadn't told Abigail about her plans to lay waste the Moon Daisies. She had been so offended by their attack on Abigail, that she hadn't even formed a proper plan.
Mavis was a highly motivated munching machine, and had shown no mercy toward the Satanical Botanicals.
Unfortunately, not having a plan meant Mavis had even less control over her actions than usual.
Having gorged on the vile little blooms, she began to feel a bit light-headed, and decided to venture into the old house in search of somewhere comfortable to rest up.
This was Mavis' second bad idea of the evening.
The third was yet to occur.
Abigail's concentration was broken as she was hit on the head by a well aimed acorn.
Looking up she came face to face with Stewie, a rather fearless squirrel.
"You really shouldn't throw those things at peoples heads!" snapped Abigail.

"And YOU shouldn't go messing in other peoples gardens!" Stewie snapped back.

"I'm not messing about, and I'm not actually IN the garden! I was just trying to see if my friend Mavis was in there. She has been missing for nearly three months now."

"Why would she be in that particular garden? Does she live in that creepy house?"

"Don't be ridiculous" pouted Abigail "Sheep don't live in houses, creepy or otherwise."

"Your friend is a Sheep? she fond of munching on flowers?" Stewie asked, sounding quietly concerned.

"Well of course she does" replied Abigail, "Why?"

"...and would she be partial to nibbling on a few ...le's say....Daisies?"

"I should have thought so." Abigail glanced back across the lawn, and for the first time noticed a distinct shortage of daisies.
"Oh my..." Abigail said in a very quiet voice.

"Oh dear..." sighed Stewie in not much more than a whisper...

"Why are we whispering? " asked Abigail in rather hushed tones.

"Well, we don't want THEM to hear us. If you have the courage, I think we shoud maybe check out that house...."

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Oh my! Now I'm up to speed. Not fear, sheep have cast iron tummies! The creepy mansion is very tempting, I suspect many curious visitors to come! xo
    Love your new Curiousity

  2. Not the Satanical Botanicals, Mavis!

    Has she turned into something... uncanny? How have the Moon Daisies affected our dear Mavis? There will be another episode, soon, right?

  3. !!!! What's going to happen?? Oh no!!! I have to say, that creepy mansion looks spectacular!

  4. Fantastic... I hope Mavis is ok :-) xxx