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Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Beast Within...

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Moon Daisies Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Moon Daisies pt 4... THE BEAST WITHIN

Mavis awoke from a very fitful sleep. Her tummy had been fighting a fierce battle with the Moon Daisies, who were refusing to be digested easily.
Repeated rumination seemed to have done the trick, but Mavis still felt weak... and more than a little queasy.
The normally sturdy sheep struggled to her feet, knees shaking alarmingly, and made her way to the window for a breath of fresh air.
As she looked across the lawn she could see her friend Abigail leaning against the railings, apparently arguing with a squirrel.
Mavis had every intention of charging across to defend her friend once again, but was instead overcome by a dizzy spell, images of partially chewed squirrel circling her head, and vomited all over the carpet.
Mavis felt herself passing out and was helpless to do more than lean away from the steaming bilious green pile.

Abigail and Stewie walked quietly along the path which lead to the front door of that creepy old house, being extremely observant with regard to the "KEEP OF THE GRASS" sign.
"I wish I had seen that before." said Abigail.
"Why?" asked Stewie "It's the Daisies that are the problem, the grass is fine."
Abigail glared at Stewie's sarcastic comment.
"Do you know if anyone lives in that house?"
"Weeellllll...."muttered Stewie"...I've seen movement, but I don't know if I can say anyone definitely "Lives" in there."
"What is that supposed to mean?" Abigail half whispered half squealed, her motion toward the house coming to a sudden halt.
"Just rumours....can't possibly be true." Stewie seemed to be stalling, and Abigail was sure his tail was shaking just a little.
"I thought you were fearless? What rumours? What is it that you are afraid of exactly?" demanded Abigail with a newly found courage.
" never wondered what kind of person grows carnivorous flowers in their garden?"
"Actually... no I hadn't thought about it."
"VAMPIRES!" Stated Stewie in a very matter of fact manner.
"Vampires live in creepy houses and grow flesh eating plants....that's who!"
Abigail felt suddenly rather sick to her stomach... "Are you serious? Are you suggesting that Mavis may be trapped in a house full of Vampires?"
"NO!" snapped Stewie, "I'm suggesting that Mavis may now BE a Vampire!"
Abigail stood in shocked silence, her mind dancing with images of Mavis in a black swooshy cloak, hanging from the rafters by her hind legs....and then her emotions just got the better of her.
Abigail fell to her knees, gasping for breath, clutching her aching ribs as tears of laughter tumbled down her cheeks.
Stewie just watched, arms folded, tapping his foot, tail twitching as his anger increased.
"Bwahahahaha..."Abigail sucked air, trying to regain control. "M...M...Mavis....a...vampire.....a vampire "SHEEP"!"...cough...splutter...cough...
This went on for more than a few moments before Stewie slapped her back to her senses.
"If you've quite is totally possible that eating those Daisies may have had some adverse effects on your friend, and rolling around on the floor laughing is not going to help her!"
Stewies indignant tone brought Abigail back from her hysteria.
"Nobody wants it to e true, but nobody has dared knock on that door and find out who or what is in there."
Now Abigail began to feel guilty about her reaction, "I'm sorry. That was very insensitive of me. Of course I am extremely worried about what may have happened to my friend....I will go and knock on that door." and with that, Abigail marched up the steps and banged n the large double doors.
Stewie hid behind the balustrading, ready to leap at whatever came through the door, or run away, whichever seemed most prudent at the time.
For what felt like an eternity nothing happened, then noises started from within.
At first, distant tapping sounds...then a louder rumbling, stumbling and banging.
Abigail took one pace back from the doorway.
followed by a shaky, screechy voice...
"Can you open the door from your side? I can't seem to manage the knob."
Abigail slowly reached for the door handle...and was immediately side tackled by Stewie.
"ARE YOU INSANE?" he screamed into Abigail's face. "That door knob is Silver...everyone knows Vampires can't touch Silver!"
"I'm not a Vampire..." came the voice again, " least I don't think I am....the light IS hurting my eyes, and my teeth do feel rather strange, but the reason I can't open the door is that my hooves keep slipping on the round knob."
"Hooves?" Both Abigail and Stewie said at once.
"MAVIS!" cried Abigail, "Is that you?"
"I think so...Abigail? ...but I do feel ....not quite myself."
Against all Stewie's protestations Abigail grabbed the door knob, determined to free her friend.

As Mavis stood swaying in the hallway the large front doors swung open. The light came flooding into the house and Mavis could just make out two she recognised as Abigail, the second she surmised to be the squirrel Abigail had been arguing with earlier.

Abigail and Stewie were greeted by all too different a vision...

to be continued...mwahahaha...



  1. Fabulous story and loving the art work u loves just like I imagined

  2. Ahhhhhhh, Gina, an injection of awesome just happened, story, and that frickin' daisied goat, btw, not sure why, but I am team Stewie in this vamp adventure :)

  3. Thank you for joining in challenge 117 'With Love' over on the left of centre challenges challenge blog.

    Thank you for entering a LOC project. Love the story and your make is awaome.

    I hope you will continue to play along with us each week for more oppeetunities to win some gorgeous images.

    ❤️ & hugs
    Lisa xxxx LOC DT Member

  4. Well I'm hooked! Mavis does make the best of it doesn't she! Now what will become of squirrelly Steweeee, when " Vampire Daisy Pals" eat the tail twitching squirrel! ! ( Abigail will happily join her friend, who won't! )
    Always fun to visit you! Fantastic Art always! xoxo

  5. The image of "of Mavis in a black swooshy cloak, hanging from the rafters by her hind legs..." had me rolling with Abigail. Fantastic!

    Oh my goodness, how I love Mavis' new look. That has to be the best wool in the universe!

    Happy Vampire's Day Soirée, Gina Love! ♥

  6. Aww poor Mavis, I hope she can adapt to her new situation happily. Loving your story and artwork Gina.

  7. Awww, that image has put the biggest smile on my face! I love this story! Mavis you are so cute! Happy Vampire's Day Soiree! Big Hugs!

  8. I want to add fangs to my sheep slippers now! lol. Love this!

  9. Gina! Love love this! Vampire sheep how unique and a story too! Thanks for playing with us at Dream in Darkness this month! Nanette, CT

  10. Ha! I love the chronicles of the Moon Daisies! And Mavis is seriously the most FAB vampire sheep EVER!!! :D

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get over to you. I was waylaid by a horrible, party-pooping migraine (I SO relate to poor Mavis and the way she's feeling.) and it has slowed my soiree mingling. Happy Belated Vampire's Day, Gina!!

  11. oh wow! Love this, amazing story and creepy twist on the final image, wow! What a vision!
    Gotta read more. Thanks so much for sharing Gina! Dream in Darkness Challenges, CT kim

  12. Fantastic story and art work! Thanks for sharing with us at LOC challenges.

  13. How very very creative, Gina! I absolutely WANT your vampire sheep for a pet. Great Story - carry on. hugs, Donna

  14. That's the cutest sheep ever heheheh all ready for spring!

  15. Bwaahahahaha - such a fabulous story and that sheep picture is gorgeous :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Amazing, how can a sheep colored in pastel tones and flowers be so "dark". Fabulous!! Thank you for joining Dream in Darkness February challenge, hope to see you back in March.