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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Love after Death?

Today's prompt for Magaly's Dark Poems for the Cruellest Month
in honour of our friend Rommy's Birthday :D
Now I am not very knowledgeable on Japanese folklore, but a couple of years ago I did join an art challenge that involved a piece on ancient Goddesses... 

Life After Death

From brightest beginnings to darkest pain,
A journey begun by Fires hottest flame.
Devoted husband, broken hearted,
Strives to retrieve his dearly departed.
But impatience is his fiercest foe,
And in fear he lets his loved one go.
With sweat on brow and strength of shoulder
He blocks her exit with a boulder.
Ignoring cries of deep despair,
He hears her curse upon the air
To unleash Death on a thousand souls,
While he creates more to fill the holes.
And thus the Cycle of Life began...
Not for Gods, but for Mortal Man.

Perfect Couple, torn asunder,
Leads to husband's fatal blunder.

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. But impatience is his fiercest foe,
    And in fear he lets his loved one go...

    Oh! This is beautifully poignant..!

  2. Oh, what a shame. Somewhat reminiscent of Orpheus!

  3. Oh wow! So humankind was this guy's fault?

    Great poem!

  4. Went back to the very beginning of Japanese myth for this - wow! This retelling is very beautiful and sad. Really nicely done. :)

  5. Such romance, beautiful and sad. Your imagery though, does create a lyrical emotion. Brilliant!

  6. The only thing I love more than a creation myth is a myth that shows the whys behind the Circle of Life. This is glorious, Gina! And your ending lines are just perfect. ♥

  7. Way to go, Gina! Sad and lovely!