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Friday, 29 April 2016

Not the healthiest diet...

 Nope...I need to loose some weight, but am rubbish at dieting *gained half a stone on the cornflake diet*
and sitting knitting for long periods doesn't help lol

I am knitting myself a big wafty cardigan type affair
(close up of bottom section)

 But occasionally I take a break to get messy.
I haven't done any stamping for ages so had a lovely little play to make this 
"Healthy eating" poster lol

Which I would like to use as a last minute entry for
Enjoy :D *but remember.... small portions*


  1. Your knitting and Art is superb! Now hike that gorgeous country side of yours!
    Photos please! xo

  2. That is some serious knitting!! Can't find the time / energy for a pair of socks now days ... And your "messy side" WAU, that's one of those pieces that I'll remember and feel so inspired by it. Thank you for it and for joining Dream in Darkness.

  3. Once my treatment is over, I too have to lose some extra yum. I'm not looking forward to it. But we'll do it. 'Cause we are way too stunning to die.

    I love your kind of eating. Bwahahaha!

  4. And as always, I'm envious of your knitting skills.

  5. Portion control??? Be moderate, even in your hand knitting, 'cos I'm having the largest jellied head in that jar, and gping back to my knitting machine! Thanks for joining Dreaming in Darkness

  6. Cool, creations, love your knitting. Also your healthy eating poster looks fab.

  7. hahahaha adore this one Gina! Yes...portion control! Wickedly wonderful, thanks so much for coming in under the time wire and sharing with us at Dream in Darkness!~kim
    ps sooo jealous you can knit :P

  8. The cardigan is looking really good! And I love your drawing!

  9. I have to loose some weight to Gina! We can do it together! I love the cardigan! Gorgeous colours! Healthy eating poster! LOL! Big Hugs!