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Friday, 22 April 2016

Show your love...

Today, on International Earth Day, Magaly has asked us to write from the prompt

Do you love the Earth, or do you harm her?

When Gaia Wails

Today, I send prayers to Gaia.
I dig my fingers into precious Earth
And pay sacrifice with my own blood.

I sing to her of gentle love,
Felt for Her by all living things.
Yet Her reply is far from good.

Her feelings of betrayal show in Her actions.
Mountains tumble to bury towns.
As Gaia wails I watch the flood.

Her tears seep between my toes.
I used to run barefoot upon the grass,
But today Gaia wails as I stand in mud.

If I were mistreated by those I love...
Would my response be any different?

Happy Earth day?
*took this after posting this morning...yes it is my blood*



  1. I think She has been extraordinarily patient really.

  2. Beautiful and thought provoking as always!

  3. Just so sad...I wish more people would start to understand that we can't continue like this. The picture you chose for this is pretty perfect.

  4. I wonder how much she can take, our Gaia... All this pain might need more blood than just a few of us can give.

    Beautifully true and sad, Gina. ♥

  5. There are my fave forget me nots!!!
    Lovely painting!

  6. Adept and tender, draws the experience close. A sad image of mud where it used to be grass, mountains bury real and I can almost hear her wail in your artwork. Accomplished!

  7. True and sad. Also I am sure Gaia appreciated the blood sacrifice. As someone who had animal funerals, trees do grow better over corpses and blood...

  8. Gaia weeps, and their are floods, she is angered and earthquakes, what does it take to learn we must live in peace with her, not just for her own sake but future generations... Great post and your art the perfect accompaniment x

  9. Absolutely beautiful. And the painting is lovely.

  10. I agree, this is such a thought provoking write..!

  11. What a beautiful prayer for our distraught mother! Thank you, Gina, for the poem and the blood!

  12. Very powerful! So true and so sad!!! Well written Gina! I love your art, your words, and your picture!